How can you reuse/recycle small or leftover remnants of bath soap?

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  • Take a washcloth and either use washable fabric glue and attach straps of velcro into an "envelope" or sew on the velcro. Just pop in the slivers of leftover soap and you have a self soaping washcloth!

  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Jan 01, 2018
    Find a small, shallow jar or tin with a lid, put the scraps..mixing is fine... Into the jar and just barely cover with water, put the lid on, and in a few days stir the will have a creamy mix, uf you want it harder, leave the lid off and it will firm up. Fragrance/color won't t be the same if you mixed the scraps.

  • Jay&Frankie Jay&Frankie on Jan 01, 2018
    I continuously recycle the last smallest soap bar piece by softening both the old bar and the new soap bar to get both soft enough to be able to mold together. This is most easily done when the old bar of soap has gotten very thin and small and has not begun to get too fragile and break up. I lay the old thin soap bar on top of the new soap bar into the shower or bathtub soap dish, pour a little water over both, and cover both with a very dripping wet washcloth, pouring a little more water over the top of the wet washcloth. If the washcloth is kept wet and moist, it will cause both bars of soap to become somewhat soft and pliable, enabling them to be molded together. This may take the best part of a day to happen. Because different bar soaps soften differently, a little experimentation is sometimes necessary to get both bars of soap sufficiently soft and pliable to be able to mold and adhere together like putty. A soap recycler.

  • Roh29157338 Roh29157338 on Jan 01, 2018
    When the leftover gets very small just press it into a new bar when it's wet. When dry it becomes part of the new bar.