How do you repurpose a 'new' door?


Hi - Last year I built a new house! There was/is one white interior door that was left over/not perfect. Just wondering i anyone has a cute idea how to repurpose it (like use it for some kind of outdoor decoration??) Thanks.

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  • Judy Judy on Nov 02, 2019

    Cute idea. What comes to mind

    is to attach it to the wall with piano hinges so it can fold down when not in use or for use.

    Decorate as needed.

  • Gabrielle Falk Gabrielle Falk on Nov 03, 2019

    Could you use it for a table??? Put some glass over the top, and use saw-horses, or something similar for legs, and rustic chairs. Seeing that it's an indoor door, best to be kept under shelter. Or re-purpose for an inside table.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Nov 03, 2019

    If the door is hollow, you need to hang it in a sheltered space because it would be nearly impossible to weatherproof such thin wood. Since the door is already white, you already have a primer. But you still might want to sand and clean the door because the white paint was probably self-sealing and might resist another coat of paint. If the top or bottom strips are white, you can experiment with different paint samples to see if they dry smoothly or spotted. Latex, enamel, chalk paint, acrylic, stain, etc., mat dry differently. Since you have the type of paint you want, you need to do your plan. For a wall hanging, you will need a couple of heavy duty hangers and a drill that can go through the wall for screws to hold the hangers. For a few ideas:

    1. Remove the “front” of the door and install several 1”x4” shelves inside the frame. The shelves will extend beyond the frame, but with center supports, the shelves should hold many small outdoor grilling, painting, or cleaning supplies, especially if you put some cup hooks inside on the back wall of the door. The inside of the door, of course, will need to be sanded, cleaned of sawdust, and painted and sealed, possible with two coats of paint.
    2. Replace a shed door with the new door, which would include changing any nonfitting hardware, trimming and refinishing the door to fit, and coating the entire door at least twice with a water resistant sealer.
    3. Bond a back or front of the door to an existing door for a fresh look, especially if the new door has panels or another interesting design you want to feature.

    I hope you see something in this answer that will help you. Jewell