Is there a use for used glass candles after their candle has burnt up?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 23, 2017
    what size are the jars?

  • Annie Annie on Sep 23, 2017
    You could use them to hold screws, nuts, etc. in your garage or work space. Easy to see what's inside. Or recycle!

  • MIck MIck on Sep 23, 2017
    I use "big" candle leftover wax that I scrap out of the bottom (there is always the part that is too shallow to burn) melted down for smaller candle containers (glass votive size). Clean the container, buy new wicks & suspend from the top into the jar. Melt the wax & fill to recycle.

  • MIck MIck on Sep 23, 2017
    OOPS - I scrape it out of the bottom...LOL - I don't scrap it!!!

  • Aun27146613 Aun27146613 on Sep 23, 2017
    Especially the ones with glass lids. You can remove the last wax bottoms by putting in microwave, top off, 5 seconds on, remove check, then 5 seconds again, continue till all wax out. Wash thoroughly, fill with candy, or whatever, little gifts with a bow.

  • Roxaneg Roxaneg on Sep 23, 2017
    Use the candle wax to wax thread for sewing, use the wax on the threads of screws to help them go into wood easier, melt down the candle wax and make your own candle.

  • Cindy Cindy on Sep 23, 2017
    I had a nurse tell me that she used them for her strawberry preserves. She used the ones with the lids that seal. I thought that was brilliant.

    paint the glass with translucent gloss enamels by Americana. They have it at Michaels craft store.