Repurposing Tidy Cat litter buckets

I seem to have an endless supply of Tidy Cat Litter square buckets...any ideas what I can make or do with them? All suggestions appreciated!

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  • Dfm Dfm on Dec 03, 2017
    i have home canned products in them....keeps the jars less dusty. i'v also used them as an impromptu step stool.

  • Dena Roberts Dena Roberts on Dec 03, 2017
    I give some of mine to a pet shelter. They store pet food in them. Keeps the bugs out. I also give some to a day care. They use them for art supplies and toy storage..great for legos! Others, I wash in the dishwasher and use for flour, sugar, cereal, pasta, and other pantry storage.

  • Great for garage storage too. Place like items, ie. sprinkler parts, electrical parts, etc., inside. Label with a sharpie and stack on shelf. Makes things easy to find. Square tubs makes them fit well on shelf :)

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 03, 2017
    I have used them for a variety of things from storing left over grout, to sending Christmas cookies (washed and sanitized in the dishwasher first and the cookies were bagged) Wash and dry well and store rice, cereal, flour, pasta, etc that has been vacuum packed.. the buckets seal well and stack nicely...
    Store things like Christmas decorations...seasonal clothing... lots of uses
    (we have also used them in our chicken house as a laying box, screwed to a shell... easy to wash out and just right to hold a chicken or two. )

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Dec 03, 2017
    We use them for picking up trash and sticks in our yard, also for tools for a small job and then you don't have to carry a big toolbox with your - I put birdseed in mine also and keep lid tight on them