1. Recycled book art

First up are three incredible recycled book art projects to inspire you to DIY your own. These crafts involve folding and rolling the pages of old books, giving them a new purpose, and transforming them into beautiful art pieces.

Repurposing books extends their lifespan and reduces waste. With a little time, creativity, and minimal cost, you can create stunning pieces that will impress everyone who sees them. Get tutorial here

2. DIY festive ornament

In this project by Borei Design, you can see how to make a Swedish Advent Star ornament or decorative hanging using recycled book pages, inspired by the tradition of handmade straw and wood ornaments in Sweden. This can be used as a decorative hanger for any time of year.

The process involves cutting and folding the book pages, weaving them together, securing the corners, and creating a hanger. The finished star can be coated with Mod Podge and embellished with glitter for a festive touch. Get tutorial here

3. Rolled book page wreath

Next, DeeDee explains how to make a rolled book page wreath. The process involves tightly rolling each book page, creating bundles of rolled pages tied with twine, gluing full pages onto the wreath form, and attaching the bundles to fill in the sections.

DeeDee also suggests adding florals or other small items for customization. While the wreath may not turn out perfectly symmetrical, that's what makes it unique. Get tutorial here

4. Book page decoupaged dresser

Miss Mustard Seed shows us how to freshen up an old dresser using decoupage with an old book or any other paper that suits the decor. The materials required include Matte Mod Podge, scissors, a paintbrush, a nail for hardware, and paint for the dresser.

The process involves cutting the paper to fit the drawer, applying Mod Podge underneath and over the paper, and repeating the steps for each drawer. Finally, the handles are reattached, resulting in an adorable decoupaged look. Get tutorial here

5. Book page table runner

This cute and easy project is for making a table runner using book pages. Vintage Home used white freezer paper as the base and sprayed it with adhesive before layering torn book pages on top.

The process is simple and can be adapted using different types of paper, such as wrapping paper. The table runner can be used for various events or holidays and can be customized with different centerpieces. Get tutorial here

6. DIY faux vintage book wall art

In this tutorial, Ana explains how to create a large statement piece for your home using old books and paint. The books are pre-aged using coffee, but any books can be used for this project.

The process involves nailing the books to the wall, marking studs for easy removal in the future, and arranging them in a desired pattern. Ana recommends using a projector to project the image onto the books before painting.

Once painted, the books create a unique and affordable piece of art. The finished piece adds farmhouse charm to the home and serves as a great conversation starter. Get tutorial here

7. DIY book birdhouse

Michelle shares her love for Little Golden Books by showing how to repurpose her old damaged books into decorative birdhouses. First, she purchased inexpensive wooden birdhouses, then painted them with green paint.

Next, she created a pattern to cut out pages from the books and used Mod Podge to attach them to the birdhouses. The book covers were used as the roofs. This is such a joyful DIY project and really reminds us of reading with our kids. Get tutorial here

8. DIY home decor

This project shows us how to upcycle old encyclopedias into cute home decor. The Junk Monkey Paint Company painted the hardcovers in their favorite colors using chalk-type paint and added antiquing glaze for an aged look. Distressing with a sand pad and adding stencils were additional touches.

The books were bundled together with twine or lace and embellished with clearance section finds. Why not try this fun upcycle for a coffee table, nightstand, or shelf? Get tutorial here

9. Stacked book end tables

We can't get over Chas' creative way of reusing old encyclopedias by stacking them as a base for side tables in her living room. She simply stacked the books on either side of a bench and placed trays on top - easy! You could also experiment with different stacking arrangements. We like these spirals best. Get tutorial here

10. Vintage book wall decor

Next, Haley shares how she uses old books to create a textured and dimensional wall decor above her bed. She outlined the desired area with chalk, planned the layout of larger books, and attached them to the wall using small nails.

Haley also suggests playing with the placement of pages and adding greenery for an added dimension. This project can be updated seasonally; she even added flags for Independence Day! Get tutorial here

11. DIY book page flooring

Annette shares her project of using old family books to put a spin on a paper bag floor in her 120-year-old house. She had a sentimental attachment to the books and wanted to put them to use.

She prepared the floor, applied glue and water mixture to the pages, then applied polyurethane. Not only does Annette get positive reactions from visitors, but she believes her ancestors would be proud of the project. Get tutorial here

12. More DIY book folding art

We just can't get enough of DIY book-folding art! In this project, Xena shares her process of making an owl using folded book art. She discovered this technique through a fellow Hometalker and found tutorials and patterns through online searches.

The simple process involves measuring, marking, and folding the pages of an old book. Take a look at the full post to see the owl pattern she used, then get inspired to create your own designs. Get tutorial here

13. Repurposed book knife block

Amanda's husband bought knives without sheaths, so the author decided to create a knife block using old hardcover books. The process involves arranging the books, gluing them together, wrapping twine around them for stability, and placing the knives between the pages.

We love the simplicity and usefulness of this project; it would also make a great gift idea for book lovers! Get tutorial here