1. Paper maché lampshade

Transforming ordinary egg cartons into a paper mache lampshade is a creative and rewarding DIY project. With just a few simple steps, you can create a beautifully designed piece of functional art.

From tearing and soaking the egg cartons to applying the paper mache mixture onto a yoga ball, the process is both fun and messy. After drying and deflating the ball, spray painting the lampshade in your desired colors adds the final touch.

Once the electrical fitting is installed, you can proudly illuminate your space with this designer-esque creation. Get tutorial here

2. Egg carton lamp

Can you believe that this cute and budget-friendly floral lamp is made using egg cartons? By separating and folding the carton compartments, you can easily craft egg carton flowers.

After painting them, assemble the lamp frame using a soda bottle and puncture holes for the Christmas lights. With the help of a hot glue gun, position the flower scoops tightly around the frame, and weave the lights inside each flower.

Complete the look by adding a finishing touch with white rope. Enjoy the soft and beautiful illumination. Get tutorial here

3. Miniature succulent garden in an egg carton

In this DIY project, Dagmarshows us how to make a miniature succulent garden out of an egg carton. This is a great Easter craft but also works all year round. Simply fill empty halves of eggshells with pebbles, moss, and soil to create mini planters. Then, plant your succulents! Get tutorial here

4. Egg carton seed starters

You can also create your own seed starter cups at home using an egg carton. This DIY project is perfect for gardening with kids and reusing materials.

Cut the top off the egg carton, fill each cup with soil, and plant two or three seeds in each. Water them gently and place the seed cartons in a sunny spot indoors. Once the seeds have grown, you can transplant them into your garden.  Get tutorial here

5. Homemade firestarter using egg carton

Here, Steph shows us how to make your own firestarters using simple materials and recycled items. Cut a cardboard egg carton, fill each compartment with dryer lint, and fold in the sides. Wrap a piece of floss around the cardboard and dip the firestarter in melted wax.

Once dry, you'll have an effective fire starter for your backyard firepit. It's a practical and eco-friendly way to repurpose materials and always have fire starters on hand for your bonfires. Get tutorial here

6. Decoupage egg cartons

Transform an egg carton into a decorative container for displaying decoupage eggs; perfect for spring or Easter.

Remove the label, use it as a pattern for a new design, and decoupage it onto the carton. Paint the carton white, apply Mod Podge and the new design, and add additional coats of Mod Podge. Seal the carton with gloss varnish for a ceramic-like finish.

Have fun decoupaging both the eggs and the inside of the carton, and complete the look with a tied ribbon. Get tutorial here