1. Fall egg carton flower wreath

Create a stunning fall farmhouse wreath in under an hour using materials you already have at home. Paint egg carton cups with fall acrylic colors and glue them onto a cardboard base wrapped in brown paper strips. Add leaf shapes and colorful buttons for extra charm.

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Get the kids involved for a fun and easy DIY project. Hang up your beautiful recycled wreath and enjoy the autumn vibes! Get tutorial here

2. Egg carton flower art

Repurpose your egg cartons into a fun and creative project! Cut the carton into squares and paint them with acrylic paint. Layer them to create flowers, adding loose petals for a beautiful touch.

Use hot glue to assemble the flowers and attach them to an old canvas that you can repaint. Add a touch of green and voila! Enjoy this simple and satisfying repurposing idea. Get tutorial here

3. Egg carton flower ornaments

Here, Joanna shows us the hidden potential of egg cartons by sharing beautiful flower ornament and home decor ideas. Egg cartons can be a fantastic crafting material. All you need is inspiration and a few basic tools like scissors, adhesives, and paint sprays. Get tutorial here

4. Egg carton poinsettias

Get into the spirit of repurposing with this easy and adorable Christmas decoration made from recycled materials. Cut cardboard egg cartons into flower shapes, paint them red and green, and add glitter for a festive touch.

Glue the pieces together and attach a small piece of yellow fruit netting for the center. You can hang them on the Christmas tree by adding a cord or ribbon loop. This is a great craft for children and adds a cute touch to your festive decor.  Get tutorial here

5. DIY egg carton roses

Learn how to make DIY egg carton roses in a few simple steps. Tear off the lid of the egg carton and divide it into sections. Shape the petals and moisten them for easier manipulation. Let them dry a bit and then press each petal to create a natural ribbed effect.

Use a glue gun to attach the flowers to a light string or revamp an old photo frame. Decorate with ribbons and enjoy your beautiful egg carton flower creations. These roses are perfect for gift packing, napkin rings, or adding a rustic touch to your dinner table.  Get tutorial here

6. Easter egg carton flowers

For Easter, you can transform your old egg cartons into beautiful flowers with just a few simple steps. Cut out the egg cradles, fold them in half, and shape them into rounded or pointed petals.

Add hot glue, paint, and glitter paper to enhance their appearance. You can use these flowers for crafting or take them to the next level by molding and shaping them.  Get tutorial here

7. Shabby chic twig wreath DIY

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with this budget-friendly shabby chic twig wreath DIY project. Gather some twigs, egg cartons, paint, and a hot glue gun.

Create little poppy flowers by folding and painting the egg carton scoops. Attach the twigs to a cardboard circle using hot glue, starting with thicker ones and filling in with thinner ones. Add a pop of color with paint and embellish with wooden beads.

Finish off with some moss for a natural touch. Voila! You now have a charming and eco-friendly home decor piece inspired by nature. Get tutorial here

8. DIY spring daffodils

Get into the spring mood and have fun with the kids by creating DIY daffodils. It's an easy and enjoyable activity that allows children to plant seeds and witness the miracle of flowers or grass growing from the soil.

Suitable for children aged 3-5, this craft requires a wooden stick, green oil paint pen, yellow cardboard, scissors, glue, and yellow paint. Get tutorial here