1. Pill bottle containers

Rea has found a cute way to reuse pill bottles to carry small items. By removing labels, washing the bottles, and spray painting them, they can be transformed into cute and handy containers.

The bottles can hold various items like cotton buds, hair accessories, bandaids, and more, making them convenient for travel or everyday use. Get tutorial here

2. DIY stepping stone with a secret key hider

This project combines stepping stones and mosaics to create a decorative DIY with a hidden key hider. By using an old cake pan and creating a mosaic design on adhesive plastic, the pan is filled with mixed concrete.

A child-proof pill bottle is inserted upside-down as a secret compartment for a house key. After letting it sit and dry, the stepping stone is easily removed from the pan, providing a pretty and functional addition to the yard. Genius! Get tutorial here

3. DIY Christmas gnome

Have you ever thought about Christmas crafts using pill bottles? With just a few steps and some materials like felt, faux fur, and hot glue, you can create these cute DIY gnome decorations in no time.

The tutorial provides detailed instructions and encourages the use of upcycled materials for both holiday decor and environmental sustainability. Get tutorial here

4. DIY Christmas cracker decoration

From one pill bottle Christmas craft to another, this DIY project shows how to create festive Christmas cracker decorations using old pill bottles and scraps of wrapping paper.

By wrapping the pill bottle with the paper, folding the ends, and securing with ribbons, you can easily make these ornaments. It's a creative way to repurpose materials that would otherwise be discarded. Get tutorial here

5. Pill bottle Jack-o-Lantern

Now we're switching from Christmas to a Halloween pill bottle craft. In this DIY project, an empty medicine bottle is transformed into a cute jack-o-lantern for Halloween decor.

The label is removed, a face and stem are added using either a cutting machine or hand-cut pieces, and leaves and curled tendrils are attached to the top. The finished jack-o-lantern can be displayed as part of a Halloween vignette. Get tutorial here