Totally Transform Tour Tomato Cages

Only when you know this is an old tomato cage upcycle, can you see it. It’s ethereal and fairytale-like. When the sun shines, each of the diamonds casts a myriad of colors - truly breathtaking. Hometalker Tara has used basic items: chicken wire, and old tomato cage, faux diamonds, fine chains, and candles. Pliable twigs seal the garden look. Get tutorial here

Trendy Planter Display

Not growing tomatoes? Grow something else instead and still use your tomato cage to do it. Planters make as much of a statement as plants do if they’re displayed beautifully. This creative Hometalker, from Love & Renovations, shares how she did it and where you can source your tomato cage. It’s a super easy DIY. Get tutorial here

Attract Birds by Repurposing Old Tomato Cages

Unbelievably simple to make, this DIY tomato cage upcycle looks fantastic. It’s repurposed to support a terracotta pot bottom and with a quick paint job, voila! You have a bird bath. It’s foolproof. This bird bath is designed to withstand harsh sunlight outdoors. It’s a wonderful way to attract birdlife, bees, and butterflies to your garden. Get tutorial here

Shield Precious Saplings with Tomato Cages

Tomato cages work wonders to shield tomatoes, but they can also protect a number of other plants, including tree saplings. When winter approaches, this technique sees your plants through the frost. Hometalker Desert Rose used this trick to shield apple trees through winter. The tomato cages proved effective against wind, snow, and storms. Get tutorial here

Create a Multi-Tiered Flower Display

This gorgeous triple-story planter is assembled with coco liner, coffee filter, pea pebbles, tomato cages, and flowering plants of your choice. It’s a matter of assembling your materials. It’s fairly self-sufficient and user-friendly. Water the top tier and it automatically runs through to the lower levels. Get tutorial here

Tomato Cage Reinvented into a Woven Basket

Bring your garden implements into the home. Tomato cages make a fantastic base for a multitude of crafty indoor decor items. This woven basket, as demonstrated by Hometalker Lin, is a beautiful example. This DIY tomato cage basket requires minimal materials: a cut tomato cage, twine in a color of your choice, and painter’s tape. Get tutorial here

Take the Basket a Step Further with this Lamp

The woven basket can be adapted into a complex but visually astounding lamp. You’ll need a few basics: yarn, wire, tomato cages, measuring tape, pliers, wire cutters, a light bulb, and glue. Hometalker Amanda explains how to create this masterpiece, step-by-step. Customize the design to suit you - textured rope will work in place of yarn. Get tutorial here

Make a Stylish Indoor Tomato Cage Side Table

Forget decor stores and furniture outlets, this side table is one of a kind. It’s easy to make and the bonus is that you’ll never find it anyone else’s house - it’s totally unique. It's also simple: select a round wooden top you love, a tomato cage, clamps, screws, a screwdriver, a tape measure, stain and wire cutters. Get tutorial here

Brighten Your Living Area with a Plant Stand

If the plant stand tomato cage upcycles before this whet your appetite, this will catch your eye. It livens dull corners in your home, filtering the air and adding a trendy touch to your decor. What really adds a sparkle to the finished product is the gold paint. It makes the stand gleam. Be sure to pay attention to that step. Get tutorial here

Festive DIY Tomato Cage Craft Ideas

Ready for creative ways to decorate your home in the festive season, DIY? Tomato cages certainly come in handy - whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, or even Wedding season. This beautiful Christmas tree is a basic wrap-around concept using a tomato cage as a base. Follow Hometalker Jennifer’s directions for this effect. Get tutorial here

It’s Never too Early to Plan Halloween Decor

Halloween celebrations get ever-more competitive each year. It’s beyond costumes for the kids. The house, the garden, and the decor are all involved too. This DIY tomato cage ghost is one idea. Hometalker Cindy used white fabric, an old tomato cage (it doesn’t matter if it looks a bit rusty), an empty milk bottle, string and a marker pen. Get tutorial here

Festive Angel Created out of Tomato Cages

This gorgeous illuminated angel is perfect to add to your Christmas decor, but it’s beautiful enough to enjoy any time of year. It’s a great way to involve children, by building memories. You can probably salvage most of the materials required from an existing Christmas decoration collection - find out how in this handy how-to guideline. Get tutorial here

Make Festive Topiaries from Old Tomato Cages

Welcome visitors into your home with festive topiaries made using old tomato cages. You can make it Christmas themed, or you could adapt the exercise and use any faux plants that can be wrapped. You can choose the materials you want to use. Hometalker Pam used an iconically festive star alongside a twisted red and gold garland. Get tutorial here

Creative Light-Up Halloween Decor

There are so many decorations you could make for Halloween, but this DIY tomato cage ghost actually lights up! Perfect for trick or treating nights. This fabric has ghosts on it, but any white fabric will do. Glowing googly eyes make a wonderful addition, but any will work. You could even make your own and paint them with glow in the dark paint. Get tutorial here

Fabulous Fall Topiary DIY Using Tomato Cages

Who can resist the warm colors of fall as the world is covered under a blanket of leaves? Relish in its richness by repurposing an old tomato cage into a stunning fall topiary. This topiary provides ambient romantic lighting. Look at that orange glow! This DIY is easy when you follow the steps shared by this Hometalk team. Get tutorial here

Breathtaking Tomato Cage Wedding Candelabra

Is it possible to create breathtaking wedding decor using tomato cages as a base? Absolutely. In fact, it’s not that difficult. Remember to make a tall stem so the arrangement is above eye level. You’ll need a shallow plant pot, silk ribbon, plants, a tomato cage, pearls and other decorative objects. Adapt the colors to match the theme of your special day. Get tutorial here

Tomato Cage Craft: Make a Display Feature

Another festive and oh-so-creative DIY idea to get into the spirit of the occasion. This works well as decor for a baby’s nursery too, featuring photos and images that work with your bedroom. The bonus is that this craft works anywhere: as a centerpiece, as a living room feature, or as a soft and beautiful addition to a bedroom - you pick! Get tutorial here

Grapevine Nest: The Perfect DIY Easter Decor

Easter surprise? This DIY is lots of fun, especially if you involve the children. Be sure to use your vines the same day they’re harvested to ensure they’re pliable and springy. In this activity, Hometalker Brooke Bock used beautiful mosaic eggs. Exchange them for chocolate eggs and you’ll have a delicious display. Get tutorial here

Use a Tomato Cage to Create a Giant Santa Hat

Christmas is all about the children. This DIY will thrill them - it lights up, it’s Santa’s hat, and it’s a reminder of the joy of Christmas time and holiday festivities. It’s easy to put together too. You’ll need string lights, tomato cages, white deco mesh, red covering, and a styrofoam ball. Assembling the hat is fairly easy: have fun with it! Get tutorial here