What I Did With Some Wine Boxes

by Landsharkinnc
2 Materials
60 Minutes
found that the 'FRANZIA' brand of Box Wine make great magazine holders --
1. remove the bag the wine came in; close the top of the box back on itself with the hand hold tucked under.
2. turn the box UPSIDE down, so the hand-hold is now on the bottom
3. TOOLS you will need -- a straight edge, box knife, serrated edge knife.
4. From the edge where the spout of the wine bag comes out, mark along that line just (it's now under the spout hole) across the narrow side of the box.
5. on the top (used to be the BOTTOM) measure back 4" from the edge and draw a straight line Diagonally from that point to the line under the spout -- this will give you the 'corner angle'
6. using the box knife and the serrated blade knife, remove the entire TOP of the box, cutting down the diagonal line and across the side under the spout hole.

The cardboard is double thickness on the top edge and you will need to score several times with the box knife before you begin to use the serrated knife.

You can cover the box with contact paper, spray paint, decorative tape, etc.

I simply used Spray RustOleum; you can make little 'signs' for the front so you know which magazines are in the boxes -- but you can probably tell by the covers ....

the right side up box on the left -- the upside down /working box on the right - showing the angle of the cut
cut the corner off the 'wine spout' corner;
cut the rest of the top of the box off using the serrated knife
Painted the box with RustOleum spray paint -- or you could cover with contact paper, decorate with colored tapes, etc. ... your choice. These are VERY sturdy, well made boxes --- hate to see them go to waste!
Suggested materials:
  • Cardboard wine box - empty   (Grocery store)
  • Spray paint   (Wal-Mart)
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  • Patrice Patrice on Jun 29, 2020

    I just thought of doing this exact same thing on my own, but thought maybe someone else has done it, and YOU did! Did the paint stick to your box or did the wax on the box interefere?

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