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Hi friends! I’m about to blow your mind with the easiest way to go from a painted door to a stained finish!

This is our front entrance closet door. Somewhere along the line of owners, it got painted. I really wanted a stained finish to match the rest of the interior doors, so I set out to strip the paint off!

I started by removing the hardware. It was super simple with just the two screws on the latch plate and the inside of the door knob.

To strip the door, I used a product called Citristrip. I just painted it on thick with a paint brush and then covered it in plastic bags.

After letting the product sit a while, the paint scraped off super easy! This product definitely worked well and smelled like oranges. But….

My door had several layers of paint over the original stain. I did three layers of the Citristrip and scraping until my project ADD kicked in and I got bored. 🙃

I’m embarrassed to admit that our door has looked like this for literally TWO YEARS! 😅

So then the other day I was in my shop and I found this liquid wood that I had collected at some point. The instructions say to just paint it on, let dry and then stain! It was pretty chunky when I opened it, so I had to stir it quite a bit. Once it was all mixed together, it was very thin, like water.

I gave my door a quick sand with a sanding sponge and then I painted one layer of the liquid wood on.

After it dried for a few hours, I stained it with Minwax Provincial. The product didn’t take the stain like a piece of raw wood though. I found that rubbing the stain off pretty much wiped it all off, so instead I just rubbed the stain on lightly and let it sit and then I went back and super lightly wiped at the areas that hadn’t absorbed yet. I like to use cut up old t-shirts or socks with holes for stain rags!

The next day, I applied one coat of Minwax polycrylic in satin and put the hardware back on! Follow me on Instagram for more DIYs!

Suggested materials:

  • Retique It Liquid Wood - Light Wood Quart - Paint it Then Stain it - S   (Amazon)
  • Minwax Provincial Wood Stain   (Lowe’s Home Improvement)
  • Minwax Polycryclic Satin   (Lowe’s Home Improvement)
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