Facelift for Old Door Knobs

2 Materials
3 Hours
Most of my door knobs are original to my house, which was built in the 50's. Some are just ugly, dirty & not looking to great. I tried replacing them, but finding a size to fit, even at my local Restore is next to impossible. I didn't want to redrill the holes, due to how hard that process is, with removing the doors & such, so I thought I'd just restore my door handles instead with chalk paint. Part of my house is newer, some of the doors have been replaced, so I only had to do this in one entire hallway. So I removed the entire unit from one door, the others I merely taped off. I'll only show you photos of the one I removed. They all came out virtually the same.
Look at these yucky old knobs!!
They look a little better after cleaning, but I'm still painting these. I scrubbed these cleaned with mean green.
Our very simple supplies- onyx chalk paint & clear wax.
2 coats of paint later & looking almost new
Put your knobs back in place, then add the coat of wax. That way if you need to touch up the paint you can. You know how installing screws/hardware can be- scratches can occur. Luckily I got it in smoothly & no touch ups were needed.

Suggested materials:

  • Art co ultra chalk paint   (michael's(on hand))
  • Craft minds wax   (michael's(on hand))

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  • Wendy Wendy on Aug 03, 2017
    This adds such character to your doors :)

  • Missy Burch Missy Burch on Aug 03, 2017
    thank you!! It's so much easier than changing hardware, when you can't find new ones for an old house! Believe me, when I went through the hassle on one door & realized the mess I'd be in on the rest, I said- NOPE!! Chalk paint to the rescue!!