Transform Your Garage With Paint!

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3 Days
My sister bought this adorable little house in Rhode Island, but the garage needed a little something, something! I was visiting from California for a week this summer, so we decided to play! She had in mind making it look like a carriage house. We searched Pinterest, but nothing quite matched, so we decide to do our own thing. I love the way it turned out ... and talk about curb appeal!!! ❤️
Original garage
Here is the original door - the only personality, is the cute star she added.
Paint & Primer
First, we hosed down the door and scrubbed it clean. We let it dry for a few hours and then taped all of the edges, including the weather stripping with painters tape. Then, we used a paint & primer in one paint with a roller.

Transformation begins
I painted each panel separately, with the door partially open. I made the mistake on the first coat, of closing the door overnight and the paint acted like glue - we had to almost pry it open.

We cleaned the inside windows of the garage with regular Windex, and then put the first tape lines for our faux windows. We waited a while to make sure we liked the placement... I believe margaritas were involved😉
We have Windows!
We continued with the tape. We also decided to make a flower box out of a pallet while the garage paint dried.
Window paint
We carefully painted the inside of the window, with a very small paint brush; this took 3-4 coats. Once we took off the tape, we had a little bleeding through, so we touched that up with a razor blade.
Really happy with the way it came out!
Cub appeal!
Pallet Planter
And, the planter came out pretty good, too!
The boxes weren't black, so we painted them too... ❤️ Paint!
Suggested materials:
  • Exterior enamel paint   (Home Depot)
  • Paint for glass and ceramics   (Home Depot)
  • Paint brushes
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