Update Your Boring Closet Door

6 Materials
5 Hours

Take your bedroom or closet door to a whole new level of modern with this simple and budget friendly hack.

New Look for Closet Doors

Materials: 2 pieces of Plywood Begin by measuring the exact size of your doors. I used 1/4" plywood and had Home Depot cut it for for me ( one sheet for each door).

Choose your stain

Staining your doors: If you have extra plywood around, use that to try out different stains. We had some left over from another project. I recommend testing it out on the exact type of wood, so it will look the same as your samples. I tried many stain colours, and even mixed some. But in the end, I ended up using Minwax Ebony (2 coats). The video below will show you the process of staining

Glue around the door

I used LePage, No More Nails all around the edges of the closet door first. Then I slid the previously stained pieces of plywood onto each door. Next, I used a nail gun around the edges to secure the piece in place. Next is a video to show you how the door handles were made, followed by some pictures.

I used 3 pieces of 1x2 select pine for the both handles. From the 2 pieces I cut the two handles to the length I wanted. The third piece was then cut down the middle to become the inside base of each handle. Then when you have all four pieces, it's time to make each handle.

Lock the 1x2 into place and glue the thinner (.5 x 1) piece fitted along the edge then clamp it in place, and nail it. (It's important that you know which way your hand will be opening when put on your door first)

Once their both made, stain the handles.

Then, screw the handles into the predrilled holes of each door (as seen in video below)

1x2 select pine

Three pieces are needed for both doors.

Cutting the handle in half

This will be the 2 pieces for the inside of the door handles.

Clamp the handle

Clamp the front of the handle and then glue the inside of the handle closer to the edge.


Clamp, let dry, then stain. Then they're ready to put on.

Predrill where each handle will go

I put the handle on the door, where I wanted it. Then predrilled holes underneath the door (3 holes)

Screw the handles on

Using the predrilled holes, screw the handles from the inside of the door.


To see more pictures of the doors, and this room refresh follow me on Instagram @tanglewood_homes

Suggested materials:
  • Plywood   (Home Depot)
  • LePage No More Nails Glue   (Lowes)
  • Minwax Ebony Stain   (Home Hardware)
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  • Ottawa Senators Ottawa Senators on Feb 07, 2022

    For your closet door conversion, a very nice project I am doing at my daughters condo. How long did you make the door handles? They look like they are 60 inches, could you please confirm? Thank you.

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