Dinosaur Window Cling for the Nursery

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My baby boy is probably going to grow up obsessed with dinosaurs. 🦕

Every piece of clothing I bought for him was dinosaur themed. Therefore, I decided to decor his window in the nursery with colourful dinosaurs. I might made up new dinosaurs species - sorry in advance. There are a lot of names for these clings. Some call them stickers, other peelies... I prefer clings as they can be added and taken off a window easily.

First, I went online and printed a bunch of happy-smiling dinosaurs. I was only interested in their outline; therefore, I didn't need any details. I placed the printed paper in a plastic sleeve. My sleeve had a texture to it; It will be shown in the final design. Texture surface considerably more robust than a clear-smooth surface.

I purchased a peelable window paint. The box says to first pipe an outline using a peelable black/white and leave it to dry for an hour. I personally do not enjoy drawing animals with an outline, so I skipped this step. As I have been doing it for a while, I know that the outline helps the paint set in position. However, if I use a lot of paint, I can shape it as I wish. Plus, making a thick layer of paint prevent it from tearing.

So, I basically followed the outline of the printed dino and filled it with paint. I use the tip of the paint to shape and adjust.

Whilst the paint was still wet, and I added dots from different colour to create texture. I also added the eye and mouth whilst it was wet; this allows the colours to be unified.

Then, I left it for the night to set. I left it on a flat surface for 10 hours or so. This picture was taken after 3 hours; the edges were setting nicely.

The finished piece

In the morning, it was dry and transparent, meaning it was ready.

It was scary to start peeling it off, but it all came out in one piece when I did it slowly and carefully. Using scissors, I shaped the tail a bit to make it more round; then, it was ready to be pressed onto a window.

I cleaned the window - only from the indoors... Taking these pictures made me realise I need to contact my landlord for a window-clean!

Pressed lightly onto the window...

... and it immediately caught Ethan's attention. Success! 🦖 🦕

Suggested materials:

  • A design
  • Paper sleeve
  • Peelable window paint
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