Flowing in the Sunlight: Eight Ideas for Using Fabric Window Treatment

To properly insulate the home and protect it from the harsh rays of the sun, it's important to use window treatments for a functional option. There are several different ideas on how to use fabric window treatments, which can work to enhance the home's decor while also keep the interior cool. Between roman shades to bishop's sleeves, there are a variety of looks to embrace for new and innovative styles.
Banded Curtains
Banded curtains include two coordinating fabrics with slim curtains and an overhead panel that completes the style. It will offer extra height to the window with the use of design on the plain fabric.
Long Draperies
Create a dramatic look with your drapes by mounting them at the top of a ceiling and allowing them to flow down to cover two separate windows for two-story rooms. It makes for a high-end style that is unique and easy to install for a new way of covering windows on two separate floors on a wall.
Bishop's Sleeve
For an elegant and layered look, use heavy woven fabric and tassels to create this style in the bedroom or in a formal dining room. The bishop's sleeve fabric can be used on either slim or wide windows for a style that is regal and contemporary in various styles of homes. It's one of the most current trends for window treatments that is a fresh take on traditional curtains.
Sheer Curtains
Use sheer white curtains for a feminine and chic style that adds extra dimension to the windows. The curtains can hang loose or be tied back with tassels for a delicate look in the bedroom.
Hang the Valence from Medallions
For bay windows that are featured in a living room or kitchen, use a decorative valence that is hung from several different medallions just inches apart for a high level of style that complements the window without detracting from its beauty. The medallions will make for a unique alternative to a traditional rod. Use fabric that offers a detailed pattern, which will add more style to the room and will complement the dramatic look of the medallions. You can also use a fabric that has tassels hanging from the bottom for a symmetrical style with the medallions that are overhead.
Low-Sew Roman Shade
Use webbing tape and a hot glue gun to make a minimal roman shade that is delicate, but unique in design. The layered look will offer complete privacy on the window and make it easy to adjust to add different portions of light in.
Puffy Valence
Instead of sticking with stiff valences that are covered with fabric, opt for a puffy valence that uses a large amount of material and offers a fair amount of volume. It will draw attention to the windows and can be paired with a simple shade that pulls down underneath.
Multiple Layers of Window Treatments
Layer up on your window treatments with complementing fabrics that combine a long panel with a valence that hangs on top. Use fabrics that are similar in style and color, which will add a dimensional look that appears professionally decorated in the home.
Fabric window treatments should complement the surrounding decor of the home and work as the focal point in each room. Whether opting for a minimal option or going more dramatic, there are several ways of dressing up each window and allowing it to look flattering in the space.

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