How to make a Roman Shade without pulley's and wood?

by Fay11611400
No sew if possible, I have a cloth shower curtain I want to match to my tub shower curtain. I have cord and plastic rings only to work with.
Thank you.

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  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Jul 15, 2017

    When you want to make your own roman shades, go right to Martha (!):

  • Kim Kim on Jul 15, 2017

    I have also seen tutorials on how to make one out of an old, broken mini blind.

  • Emily Emily on Jul 15, 2017

    you could fasten it to top of window with velcro. Do you mean you do not want it to be raised or lowered? If you do not want that just pleat the fabric as you like and hand sew the pleats in place on the back.

  • Debbie Boatman Elfstrom Debbie Boatman Elfstrom on Jul 16, 2017

    Fabric - Fuseable tape - Cord/String - shade pull for cord/string

    Lumber store you will find - 1" by 1" board or 1" by 2" board

    Cleats -

    Inside mount: Cut the fabric the width of the window plus two inches and the length should be cut the length of the window plus 12 inches.

    I would not use velcro in the bathroom. The moisture tends to end up making it dirty with dust.

    Use fuseable tape and turn the outside edges one inch over it and iron in place.

    Do this on top of the fabric.

    On the bottom of the fabric, Turn up 3 inches. Fuse the tape at 1 1/2 inches and again at 3 inches.

    Mark the back of the fabric along the 1" edge at every 6" beginning with the top of the 3" turn down on the bottom. Depending on the width of your window, I am thinking for a normal window, I would place these marks on each side and up the middle. Be sure they are level. Mark the sides and then place a straight edge across the the two outside marks and mark a middle mark. Hand sew a ring at each mark.

    Cut a 1/2 piece of board the inside measurement of the window. Place an eyebolt in the board at to correspond to each line of rings.

    Staple the top of the fabric, good side facing you, by just turning it under one inch to the top of the board.

    Turn over to work from wrong side of fabric. For a right side pull, from the bottom, left side, tie the string/cord on the first ring. I always go back and hot glue the ties. String it through all the string up that side, through the eyebolt and then across the fabric through each eyebolt and then down the right side of the fabric about 12 inches.

    Go to the next ring on bottom and thread up the rings,into the eyebolt, across to the last and down to match the first string.

    Go to third bottom ring, thread up, into the eyebolt and cut at level of the first two strings.

    Attach the board to the top inside of the window with screws or angle irons.

    Pull all three strings at the same time, helping the fabric fold as it goes up. When you have it the way you want it, Hold the three strings together even, braid them and leave some of the strings unbraided. You can go to the fabric store and buy a pull for shades to string all three strings through the bottom tie the strings so they do not slide back out of the pull. Again, I glue them together. Also buy a "cleat to wind the cord around when it is pulled up.

    Figure about 3" more width for outside mount for fabric and board.


    Hope this is helpful

  • Diane Diane on Jul 16, 2017

    I just found a video you might like. Roman blinds made by using mini blinds. It's at Creating beautiful roman blinds using old mini blinds. Hopefully it's what you're looking for. No sewing required!