Asked on Nov 09, 2017

Is it the style now to just have blinds only at windows? No curtains?

I want to put either curtains or valances at windows but my husband say no. He says it is the style now to just have the blinds.

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  • Kdw22428667 Kdw22428667 on Nov 09, 2017

    Curtains give the home a warm feeling of welcome, put the curtains up

  • Rhonda Rhonda on Nov 09, 2017

    it depends on your tastes and the room!!! I have window treatments in all bedrooms cuz it helps with blocking light and makes it feel more homey! Do it if you want! It's not out of style to do so in my opinion!

  • Gracie Gracie on Nov 09, 2017

    I would at least put a valance up.

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Nov 09, 2017

    NOT out of style at all. Pull out some real home decorating magazines - you will NEVER see just blinds at a window, unless they are plantation shutters or such. I have window shades, sheer curtains and valances on many of my windows. In my formal living room , shades, drapes and sheers. IN my bathroom, I have shutters halfway up, a blind to pull just in case (I keep it up), and sheer curtains, with a sheer topper. In my family room, I have lace curtains, with a colored topper, and shades. The blinds require way too much dusting. (I use old fashioned window shades. (A lot easier to clean, and install) Just the blinds, leaves your home looking too cold and unfinished. In this region a lot of rental apartments come with thee blinds. OK for that application, maybe. Justs blinds, keeps you from having any color at the window. If you live in a region that gets cold, it just feels warmer to have more at the windows. Also a LOT more polished. Sounds like he just does not want to put up the brackets for you. SHAME on him!!.....

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 09, 2017

    Maybe, Maybe not, it's a matter of personal choice and Style..............

  • Pg Pg on Nov 09, 2017

    I agree that it is a matter of taste. That should be what dictates your surroundings; not style. Besides, if we wore what they show on Paris runways, we might be in style, but would look pretty strange and not be happy with most of the looks. Don't you agree? You just have to convince your husband to go for comfort versus what is in the magazines.

  • Sherris Sherris on Nov 09, 2017

    I think valances are outdated. Curtains can get fussy and dusty in the winter. Unless you need them for insulation against an air leak, I'd just keep the blinds for sunlight during the winter. In the spring, maybe there will be a new trend. Hope this helps.

  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Nov 09, 2017

    I have a tiny house that is really dark. I use window treatments. In my bedroom though I do use a valance. Otherwise..nothing and they look just fine..BUT..I DO have tons of artwork on walls

  • Carol Carol on Nov 09, 2017

    In my kitchen and bathroom, I just have blinds and love it. When I took down my kitchen valance to wash, I was amazed at how much lighter the kitchen was so the valance never went back. In other rooms I use sheer valance.

    • Lisa Lisa on Feb 26, 2021

      Wow! You posted this 4 years ago and that's the very reason that lead me to this article

  • Phyllis Shook Forrest Phyllis Shook Forrest on Nov 09, 2017

    i just have blinds

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  • All a matter of personal taste. I have vertical blinds and a double rod with sheers and curtains (everything washable in my house, because of pets.) I do not care for the stark look of blinds only. Unless you have a ultra modern minimalist decor, it looks unfinished. Flip through any magazine, typically layers of windows treatments. It is your house, you decide what you like and looks best.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Nov 09, 2017

    It is a personal preference but many designers like Joanna Gaines do not use curtains to keep a room light and more open. Another thing that has changed through the years is that many people have allergies and curtains are dust collectors (if not washed regularly) as well as carpet - so you don't see much of it anymore in modern homes.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 09, 2017

    personal taste.I do not have any curtains or valances .

  • Barbara Barbara on Nov 09, 2017

    From a designer point of view, definitely what you like. But valance/curtains give a softer look to a window.