What's a simple DIY trick for adding curtains?

We are moving into a new house and do not have a ton of extra money for window treatment. I would love some DIY ide for curtains and rods or ideas for hanging all the curtains without breaking the bank! Thanks!

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  • Kate Kate on Jul 26, 2017
    First, search for ideas on this site. Bed sheets have been suggested. Try thrift store, consignment shops - they may have entire set up of rods and curtains. Garlands of flowers hung with Command hooks, over sheers in summer.

  • Dolly Syrek Dolly Syrek on Jul 26, 2017
    Look into fabric shower curtains. They are very full and come in various lengths.

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Jul 26, 2017
    I am going to do this http://www.hometalk.com/diy/living-room/curtains/pallet-curtain-rods-30301235?se=fol_new-20170719-2&slg=d3504b7c78ec401449c71ef42613add0-11317322&post_position=1 We have a bunch of scrap wood, and I found little clip hooks at a home store for $5 for 14 of them. I'll have to modify them a bit, since they don't screw in. Maybe check out garage sales or local facebook garage sale groups, people in my area give away and sell curtains all the time.

  • MzzLady MzzLady on Jul 26, 2017
    rods... go to Lowes, and purchase electrical conduit, its cheap, a can of spray paint, and wooden finials.... I have done rods that would have cost hundreds of $$$ for a sunroom, and my front porch for less than a 100$$..... you will need a pipe cutter, but they are less than 15$ at Lowes...

  • Kathy Kathy on Jul 26, 2017
    A 10' section of galvanized pipe is less than $10 at Home Depot. You can use this to make curtain rods. Just spray paint in oil rubbed bronze, black, nickel-whatever you like. Drop cloth for painting is super inexpensive and if you wash it several times in hot water and dry it in a hot dryer, it will soften up. I buy a 9x12 piece from Amazon. You can cut it to size and use hem tape or fabric glue to finish the sides and top and bottom hems if you're not a sewer. If you get the all cotton drop cloth, you can also dye it to whatever color you like.

  • FL FL on Jul 26, 2017
    Congratulations on the ne home! First things first will be immediate privacy and safety, right? So maybe a sheet, piece of fabric, scarf or tablecloth hung over any thing LIKE a curtain rod, like a simple (cheap) wooden dowel, a section of pipe, a smooth branch, walking stick or cane, and bamboo. Many of these options can be painted or otherwise manipulated to become attractive permanent fixtures. In the meantime two nails at angles with serve to hold up your "rod" with any window cover that you have on hand! Here is the site which listed the creative alternatives: http://www.ehow.com/info_8198386_curtain-rod-alternatives.html
    Good luck!

  • Kathy Comstock Kathy Comstock on Jul 26, 2017
    You can make cheep curtain rods that look nice. First, buy a dowel (I used 1 1/4") and 2 double ended wood screws from your lumber store. Then go to the craft center and pick up 2 small wooden car wheels and a wooden ball. Drill into each end of the dowel and one hole in the ball. Insert the screw into ball, add wheel, and screw into the dowel. You can leave it natural or stain/paint to add color.