What's the best way to hang a curtain rod without studs so it's secure

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  • Ilene Paffel Thompson Ilene Paffel Thompson on Jun 16, 2018
    I would suggest a molly bolt if there are no studs. You still need to be careful about weight of rod and curtains even with a Molly bolt.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 16, 2018
    A tension style rod would solve that problem. But if you want to put on up that doesn't have that option use plastic u shaped cuts to set the rod in.

  • Ilene Paffel Thompson Ilene Paffel Thompson on Jun 16, 2018
    If your windows are deep set you can use a tension rod and hang the curtains inside the window frame

    • Lenore Lenore on Jun 16, 2018
      Good suggestion; I'll consider that if I can find a "heavy duty" tension rod, as the curtains have large metal grommets. Thank you.

  • Bijous Bijous on Jun 16, 2018
    Wall anchors are all you need. Purchase ones that will hold the weight you intend to put on them. Typically 25# will work. Make sure the screw that comes with the anchors will go through the hole of your rod before you purchase. That way, not second trip to the store. Good luck.

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Jun 16, 2018
    Agreed. If the weight is too much, see if you can use some wood attached to the lintel to spread the weight.

  • Lenore Lenore on Jun 16, 2018
    Thanks. I purchased some brackets to help support the rod also.