Where to Find This Roman Shade?

I've been looking everywhere I can Google online for a particular Roman shade look with translucent fabric like voile with a shape on the end that looks like a curly brace/bracket, and the only place I've found it is here https://www.bonprix.it/prodotto/tenda-a-pacchetto-jamal-bianco-947871/
(Yes, I've searched far and wide, as you can see, including this website in ITALY, but I thought that would be logical for a ROMAN shade.) but they still haven't responded to my email asking if they'll ship to the U.S.
Where can I find a blind like this?? I could make them, but I have so much home improvement to do I would really prefer to buy them!
q where to find this roman shade
tab top voile Roman shade with a curly bracket a the bottom
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