Need help with these windows

Would like an idea or ideas about window treatments for these windows. Would like to be able to close them in the summertime to keep the sun out. But I am open to any ideas. Have another set like this upstairs in the rec room too.
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  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Nov 06, 2014
    You don't say what the blinds are, but from the slight sag in the far left one, I would guess they're vinyl mini-blinds. If they are, they are essentially worthless for protecting any room from sun/heat. The first thing I would recommend is to go to your local home center (Lowe's, etc.) and buy 2-inch wood blinds for those windows. If they don't have wood, then, the 2-inch heavy-duty vinyl will be nearly as effective. You should see and feel a difference immediately after installation. Once you do that, then you can address treatments for the windows. You have quite a large expanse, probably at lest 18 feet, and for the sake of continuity, I would treat the 5 windows as one space. A soft valance either rod-mounted or board-mounted would be about all you would need, along with some side panels on the outboard sides. Any rod-mounted or board-mounted treatment should be relatively easy to install and quite secure because with this many windows there should be plenty of header to drill for inserting screws for brackets. If you have a very serious sun/heat issue with this room and the one above, I would suggest you investigate applying Gila window film on the windows. Now, don't get negative when I mention applying film to windows. I've had Gila films on the windows of my last two homes and couldn't be happier. The first home had 9 nearly ceiling-to-floor windows on one wall of the family room, which had a 10-foot ceiling. Before I applied the Gila film, you could nearly fry an egg on the back of the sofa. It was almost unbearable. The film we selected was easy to apply and most people couldn't even see that there was anything on the glass. That's how untinted it was. It wasn't the tint that was the effective feature, it was the film's ability to prevent the nasty UV rays, heat and glare. We were so happy with the results that we applied it on the glass on large addition we made to our present house, along with the windows on the hottest side of the main house. This sounds like a commercial, but it solved our heat/fading/glare dilemma. Okay, I've bent your ear enough. I'll give some additional thought to how the windows can be "dressed" once you've decided whether you wish to tell the heat to take a hike. P.S. We bought the Gila film we used at Lowe's.

    • Vicky Henry Vicky Henry on Nov 09, 2014
      @Swan Road Designs Great idea. My husband had the same idea. I am not sure I know what it will look like but given the number of windows we have, I think we would need to do all 15 windows. Ugh.

  • Sue Myers Case Sue Myers Case on Nov 07, 2014
    agree with swan regarding the blinds etc. as far as the window treatments, I have 3 large windows that I used one decorative curtain rod and purchased window scarfs and draped over the rod to hang between each window. Probably one scarf for every two windows. Gives it a more formal feel. Scarfs are not as expensive as drapes.

  • PattyV PattyV on Nov 08, 2014
    If cost is not an issue, I would get one long continuous rod (or two that meet in the middle of the middle window) and hang linen like curtains that have round rod holes. The curtains when open should extend about two feet on the left and right side of the group of windows to make them appear more as well. Would also change out the blinds for woven roman shades.

    • Vicky Henry Vicky Henry on Nov 09, 2014
      @PattyV Thank you so much for the suggestion. The blinds are definitely going.

  • Claire M Claire M on Jan 04, 2015
    I would leave the blinds for practicality and add one big upholstered cornice (is that the right term, lol) across the tops of all the windows, and perhaps adding sheers between the windows.

  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Jan 05, 2015
    3M has many options of window film for sun control you can check out. I noticed that their film works almost everywhere but Florida because it can't handle hurricane force winds. Other than that, the benefits are pretty good. Check it out. As far as the window treatments it looks like you have contemporary/modern furniture...You could put up in 3 sections industrial piping in silver or black & then get clips or grommets to attach to curtains either a cream color or whatever is your favorite color. Hope this helps

  • Hog3275625 Hog3275625 on Aug 26, 2016
    You can buy some kind of a long pipe and attach decorative shower curtains. JMH

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Aug 28, 2021

    You can find long wooden dowels at the hardware store to make a super long curtain rod.