How to Make Roman Shades for Doors: The Quick Simple No-Sew Way

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Are you looking to enhance the appearance of your doors while ensuring privacy? DIY Roman shades are an excellent solution.

In this guide, I'll walk you through the process of creating Roman shades for doors using simple materials and easy-to-follow steps.

Not only will this project add charm to your space, but it's also a practical way to maintain privacy.

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Tools and Materials:

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Measure your doors

1. Measure and Cut Fabric

Begin by measuring the dimensions of your door.

Laying the fabric out on a flat surface

Add three inches to the width to ensure proper coverage.

DIY Roman shades for doors tutorial

Lay out your chosen fabric and mark it according to your measurements.

Cut and remove excess fabric

Cut along the marked lines to create the fabric panel.

How to make custom Roman shades for doors

2. Neaten the Edges

To make sure the cut edge looks nice and neat, we'll need some two-sided binding tape.

Fabric Roman shades project

Stick it on the inside of the fabric, then fold it over.

Iron down the tape

Press it down with an iron to ensure the sides stick well and remove messy edges.

Step-by-step guide for crafting door Roman shades

To make it even neater, we'll add another layer of tape.

Fold the fabric over for a neat edge

Fold the fabric over and iron it again.

How to make a Roman shade

You should now have a nice, clean finish.

Transform slatted blinds into a Roman shade

3. Prepare Cordless Mini Blinds

Now that the fabric is sorted, let's move on to the blinds.

Starting from the top of the fabric, extend the blinds all the way down to the bottom.

Making Roman shades for privacy

Now, here's where we might encounter a little snag. These blinds usually come with more slats than we need for our shade, so we'll need to trim off the excess.

For the height of my shade, I only needed five slats

DIY door decor with fabric Roman shades

To do this, cut off the button at the bottom of the blinds.

Adorn your door with a DIY shade

Make sure to keep the button safe, we will need to reattach it.

Homemade Roman shades for privacy and style

The next step is crucial.

Locate the middle string and carefully pull it all the way through. Take care not to lose this string; it's essential for reattaching the slats.

Roman shade for door

Once the string is out, we can go ahead and trim off the extra slats.

Homemade window decor idea

Just keep the amount of slats you need for the height of your shade.

Use a safety pin to reattach the slats

To reattach these slats, I'll attach a safety pin to the bottom of the string, which will help guide the slats back into place.

Easy DIY tutorial for door Roman shades

I slid my five slats onto the string, ensuring they were evenly spaced.

DIY Roman shades no sew

Once they're in place, guide the string back through the bottom and reattach the button.

Easy window privacy project

However, before putting the button back on, tie a few knots to ensure it stays put.

Reattach the button to the blind

Once that's done, securely push the button back into the blinds.

Crafting custom fabric Roman shades for door

4. Adhere the Fabric to the Blind

Now, let's move on to attaching the top and bottom railings of the mini blind to the fabric.

You have a couple of options here – you can use fabric glue for a secure hold, or opt for a generous amount of hot glue.

Step-by-step instructions for DIY door shades

Once you've chosen your adhesive, apply it to the railing and carefully roll it over the fabric, ensuring it's firmly in place.

Hold it there for a moment to allow the glue to set.

Glue the railings of the blind to the fabric

Repeat this process for the bottom railing, making sure it's securely attached. This step adds the finishing touch to our Roman shade, ensuring it hangs beautifully over the door.

Evenly distribute the slats

5. Attach Slats to Fabric

Position the slats evenly along the fabric panel.

Secure them in place using hot glue or fabric glue.

Adhere the slats to the fabric

Be cautious not to apply glue to the cord.

Creating personalized Roman shades for door privacy

Flip the panel over and allow the glue to set.

How to install roman shades

6. Mount the Roman Shade

Install the provided brackets above the door or window frame.

Installing Roman shades on a door

Once securely in place, insert the cordless mini blinds into the brackets.

A DIY Guide for Door Decor

Ensure the shade operates smoothly before finishing the installation.

More Roman Shade Projects

For another brilliant DIY idea, check out this Faux Roman Shade tutorial!

Creating stylish Roman shades from scratch

Your doors are now adorned with stylish and practical window treatments, perfect for adding a touch of charm and privacy to any room.

DIY fabric Roman shades tutorial

I hope this guide has inspired you to embark on more creative endeavors. Remember, the possibilities are endless when it comes to home improvement projects.

Roman shades DIY

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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  • SUSAN BRUNO SUSAN BRUNO on Apr 07, 2024
    it's nice to to know the "Mechanicas" of how things work. Personally I think this is too time consuming & cheaper to just buy a roman shade. Nice tutorial even so.
  • Tassie Anne Biesecker Tassie Anne Biesecker on Apr 09, 2024
    Great video, thank you. I have a window I think I'm going to do this to. Thank you! You make it look so easy!