Window Blinds Are Making a Boring Window to an Art of Imagination!

2 Days
New ways to dress up a boring window blind to whatever your mind can imagine.
I chose the Galaxy technique for my own personal taste. The above picture is at night.
This picture for daylight shows two different looks. The window on left is lighter and more stain glass lighter, brighter colors of unicorn spit.
The window on right is layered with a chalk paint base applied first. then unicorn spit.
We started with the cheaper window blinds. Ya know when you are experimenting you always try on cheaper items, so here we go.
These are your blank window canvas.
I first sprayed a mixture of matte modge podge and Elmers glue with some water just enough to go thru a spray bottle. Not heavy but evenly. Let Dry, If you are doing double sides then after dry turn over and do other side. (mine are double sided). About 30 minutes
This is the lighter stain glass effect made with Unicorn Spit. If you wanted darker as on right, use a dark chalk paint (I used a gray)
Once completed with the technique and dry, I applied a spray lacquer to seal the unicorn spit onto the blind. I did both sides.
I also played around with a bathroom blind and glow in dark powder. All free handed, well ok a straight edge cause these little slats move , even when I used tape down the edges. I sprayed a clear lacquer for sealer.
Anything you want can be a window blind art. I am working on my third blind now and will post the process with chalk paint base for my living room. A little different than the one above on the right as far as galaxy pattern with a surprise.
This is the finished experiment for the bathroom blind. What is cool about this??? Wait till you see when it is flipped up and facing outside to charge glow in dark paint. (LOL..Yes the curtains are going that is why I wanted to try painting on blind.)
Ain't that cool! Oh and if anyone was thinking about water and washing off....nope it is sealed with a spray lacquer and yes it is in the shower area, so it does get wet everyday.
This is the back side of the living room blinds. Sorry for bright lighting but this is day.
This is close up of front side of window blind, same window as outside picture above. I hope to enjoy these for a very long time.
Come on over to my Facebook page and you can see the video of the galaxy blinds. . Looks cool to see them open, close and both sides done.

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