diy wooden block lamp for decorative light bulbs, How to make a wooden block lamp

DIY Wooden Block Lamp For Decorative Light Bulbs

There are so many decorative light bulbs available to buy now that look so awesome when switched on but once the lampshade is added the effects are lost. I made this block lamp so the effects could be seen when in use.

unicorn spit succulent plant pot, Unicorn SPiT Succulent Plant Pot

Unicorn SPiT Succulent Plant Pot

Like anyone who has discovered Unicorn spit stain and glaze you find yourself running around your house looking for anything that you can spit on. This goldfish bowl was my latest victim. I thought this would make a great planter.

antique dresser restoration tips

Antique Dresser Restoration Tips

This dresser was up for sale on my local marketplace website and he was looking for offers around $100 (Hell no) I offered him $20 because I wanted to try and restore it as my next DIY project, which was very ambitious. My Son said he would only offer a match to burn it as firewood.

front door halloween scene light box, Front Door Halloween Scene Light Box

Front Door Halloween Scene Light Box

Being Halloween I wanted to make something new for our home. The idea behind the box was, on Halloween night I will hang it up on the door or in my front window to let the trick or treaters know they can get treats at our house.

diy garden christmas sign, DIY Christmas sign

DIY Garden Christmas Sign

With everyone now decorating their gardens with lights and Christmas decorations like the inside of their homes. This sign would be a great addition to any garden to make yours stand out from the rest.

headboard repurposed into a coat rack, Headboard Repurposed Into a Coat Rack

Headboard Repurposed Into a Coat Rack

Turning a headboard into a bench is one of the most popular ways to repurpose an old headboard. I had this one sitting in my shed for years and when a friend asked if I could make her a hat rack I thought this one would be perfect.

diy kitchen notice board, DIY Kitchen Notice Board

DIY Kitchen Notice Board

I was asked if I could make one of these for a friend. She had seen one but It came with a hefty price tag for what it was. She wanted a board that she could hang on her kitchen wall and the family could leave messages for each other. It could be used as a shopping list, to do list. It can be used for anything.

couch makeover

Couch Makeover

This couch was on its way to the tip. I asked the owner if I could take it and she was happy for it to be gone. Because it was free I thought it would be a good project for me to try and see if I could restore it and at the same time see how they are put together. I had never done a couch before so this was my test run.

how to get the dry brush paint effect, Dry Brush Paint Effect

How to Get the Dry Brush Paint Effect

I had seen this effect paint effect on a few projects lately on Pinterest but I could not find a tutorial on how to do it. So I experimented a bit and this is how I did mine.

how to make a dog auto water feeder

How to Make a Dog Auto Water Feeder

Nowadays we all have pampered pooches, and mine is no different. The summers temperatures here can get very hot and at times as high as 45 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures can make a small amount of water in their water bowl very hot. They also drink more in the summer and for some reason, they will not drink out of the second bowl I put down. I always felt really bad when I came home from work and they had no water. My idea was that I would freeze bottles of water to put in the dispenser. And in the morning before I go to work I would put one into the dispenser. And as the level goes down the water will be topped up with the cold water from the melted ice. Nothing is too much work for my pampered pooches.

Anita Moulpied Holland
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