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ReCycle Upcycle ReUse~ Old Beam Flashlight Turned Into Potting Soi

ReCycle Upcycle ReUse
Old Beam Flashlight turned into Potting Soil Shovel Diggers
I was over-joyed yesterday when my husband gave me a second old broken flash beam light! I just took off the screws and had two pieces that I use for digging out of the very large bag the products I use to make potting soil.

fairy garden collection, gardening, painted furniture

Fairy/Gnome/Hobbit Garden Supplies Collected on My Travels!

My Fairy Gardens, this is supplies I have collected and will make into several fairy /hobbit/ gnome/ gardens, I found these items here and there!
I prefer handmade and will incorporate all into several wonderful gardens! The acorns are dropping like crazy and they are for my Gnome/Hobbit Hat Table and also for my individual fairy gardens. I also have a Gnome Hobbit Hat Factory with them on a table, Will add photos ASAP.

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Upcycled Buttons Terrarium Flowers Chakra Colors

I made the chakra colored button flowers for my moss gardens and terrariums.
I also have them for sale in my Etsy shop!
Smiles, Cyndi

sassafras leaves framed for home decor, crafts, decoupage, gardening

Sassafras Leaves Framed for Home Decor

Sassafras Leaves framed 8x10 Photo Tree LeavesThese hand collected Sassafras Leaves are in a Wood frame 8x10 inchesThey frame can hang on a Wall or be Table decor I have used decoupage on them over a Sassafras Tree Information Paper guideAll Sassafras trees have three leaves, these are changing with moss green, rustic ruby red, and gorgeous gold colorsI have these trees all over our property in North Carolina and I am enchanted by them!

pear honey recipe and bear visits, Bosc Pears

Pear Honey Recipe and Bear Visits

Pear Honey
I made some pear honey this week from my Mother's recipe as we got a bunch of pears at the food pantry last week along with a pizza for Easter. So, I got some canning jars and made 6 pints. I have 6 more jars left and more pears to make another batch. I was not sure really what I was doing as I don't can food and the last time many years ago I tried to make the pear honey it was so sweet I added so much sugar we had to throw it out so I never tried again.
Oh, this batch is wonderful. I have had it on my sourdough bread and it will be wonderful added to ice cream or oatmeal just comes to mind. Also of course, on toast!

rusty bed spring coils repurposed upcycled, painted furniture, Can hold french fries or popcorn

Rusty Bed Spring Coils Repurposed Upcycled

I use these in my crafting and sell on Etsy

rustic forest finds bark tree home decor hobbit house fairy gnome, crafts, repurposing upcycling

Rustic Forest Finds Bark Tree Home Decor Hobbit House Fairy Gnome

Handmade Bark Lichen Moss Tree Natural Forest Nature Cabin Rustic Woodland CollectionsI have made this Rustic Woodland Natural Bark Tree from items I find in the Forest. They are glued to a tree form and include Various types of Bark, Lichens, Fungi and a Pine Cone topper.Once I started it I am not sure I knew when to quit. I just kept adding and looking at it till I finally had to say "Enough"!It is delightful on a refined rustic cabin fireplace Mantle or Hearth, Buffet Table, or dress your country farm house table with Autumn Ambiance.I have become a spirit of the forest since moving to North Carolina and living in the Nantahala National Forest. I can't seem to stay away from walking in the woods around me. I collect dried and fallen items of all kind.It measures 13 x 5 x 5 inches. It can also be a Gnome or Fairy House in your home. The spirits are alive in the forest! Share the Real Thing with natural nature decor on your wedding , party, buffet, or porch tables!

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