Why hasn't my hydrangea bloomed?

We planted last spring, 2016, but no blooms. It looks healthy but why hasn't it bloomed?

Water drainage from air conditioner

Our air conditioner has water drainage in our yard that puddles into a muddy area that our new puppy heads to every time we go outside! Does anyone have any ideas what to do to eliminate this mess? Need something that will not interfere with mowing too much. Thought about river rock but not sure if that would work. Never really bothered us until we brought puppy home! Thanks, all ideas are welcome.

I have a tip! Use chipped brick instead of mulch?

This may not be new to some but my husband and I had a foundation problem a few years ago and had to remove all the shrubs in the front of our home and part on both sides! We had mulch and lost everything as the engineers began their work digging down many blocks to make needed repairs. After all this was finished it was time to begin our landscaping again. My husband hated the mulch because of the fear of termites and such.... soooooo he decided to go with chipped brick. This is wonderful! It is harder to work with but looks so good. It's easy to use blower to clean up leaves and other stuff. We have our home sprayed quarterly (inside and ou)t and our Bug Man loved it! Just a thought to let you know about this and how glad we are to have made the change. Hope all have a wonderful Easter!

What is some ideas for cedar stump in backyard?

Last year we had a storm come through and broke our beautiful naturally grown cedar tree completely into. My husband cut down the remaining half but now we have a stump. I have benches around that area and thought if I could possibly grow something in the stump but not sure how to begin. May just wind up putting some pretty potted plants on it. Any ideas?

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