glue gun stand, All done and ready to glue

Glue Gun Stand

I was tired of my glue gun falling over everytime I used it. I had seen several on Pinterest. I didn't want it to be too difficult to make. I went to Goodwill to get some ideas. I came across this little picture easel. I knew I could work with it.

tape crate tool cabinet, Finished


I was looking for ways to organize my husband's shed. So I went to RedRacks to look for things to use. I came across these two VHS tape crates. At least that is what the cashier told me they were. I liked the look of them. I've used 3 other crates in the past for different purposes in our home. There are nice and sturdy. I knew I would have to either gut them or at least remove some of the dividers for anything to fit in it. I also thought I could attach the crates together to make a box.

hanging mason jar, All done


I seen this project on Pintetest and knew I had to try it. I love using mason jars. I combined two projects. The first one using the Krylon Sea glass spray paint on a mason jar. I painted 5 different vases and mason jars. I painted those a few months ago. The second one was attaching a mason jar to a piece of wood. I used a cabinet door.

battery operated yard light, Green for St Patrick s day

Battery Operated Yard Light

I was at my local Habitat Restore a couple of days ago. I came across this awesome pendant light. When I first layed eyes on it I knew what I wanted to do with it. A battery operated hanging yard light. It was a steal at $8.00. I was excited to start working on it. But because of the weather and a migraine🤕 I had to put it to the side.

water bottle flowers

Water Bottle Flowers

I was looking at the shape of a flavored water bottle one day. The shape was different than most others. I liked that it was slender. I knew I wanted to do a craft using them. Since I drink one or two bottles of water a day there was quite a few bottles to transform into something new. I had seen a post on making flowers out of plastic bottles. So I thought why not try it.

spruced up chair, My bright new chair

Spruced up Chair

I had been off work for 3 days because the university that I work for was closed due to the icy road conditions. I don't normally have that kind of time on my hands. Why not take advantage of it.I wanted to spruce up a chair I bought about a year ago. I previously painted and upholstered it. To transform it I knew it needed to be painted. Like I really needed an excuse to get out my paint sprayer again. It's my new favorite (toy) tool. My husband said if he stood still long enough I would paint him too.🙄

whale mouse magnet, This whale can hold a thick two year calendar


The IMC ( Instructional Media Center) was getting rid of this. non working computer mouse. I thought I would make it look like a cartoon mouse. You know the kind with four legs. The more I looked at it the more it looked like a whale's face. I looked up cartoon whales on clip art. I found a few I liked.

coffee table update, Before adding all my home decor


I bought this glass top coffee table and two end tables over a year ago at a thrift shop. I was so excited when I spied them in the shop. I had to wait until my husband got home from work with the truck. They wouldn't fit in my SUV. Also I had to talk him into getting them. Unfortunately when I got home and cleaned them up I discovered one of the legs was broken. It needed to be sodered. I really liked them and plus they have a no return policy. I could still use it but it wasn't as stable as it should be. After getting moved around alot it got very unstable. It had to be fixed now not later. Can you say procrastinator? My brother in law has a milling machine in his workshop and he offered to fix it. He can make and fix anything. He is my hero. I took off the broken leg and took it to him. So while waiting for him to fix it I decided to do an update. I was going to paint them when I first brought them home. But my sister recommend I live with them for awhile. Dont rush into changing. I did for over a year. And they do look nice the way they are but I'm ready for a change. Now is the perfect time while it is taken apart and the weather is so nice. Almost 60° at the end of January here in Missouri.

snow shadow box, My snowy shadow box


My husband gave me a Chalk Couture (Chalkology)kit for Christmas. One of the items in the kit was a shadow box. I've wanted to do a shadow box for awhile. So I was pretty excited. I had been down for 9 days with the flu. I felt so bad that I wasn't even up to doing crafts. I finally felt better so I decided to work on it today.

thank you santa, Finished for now


Santa made a visit to my house on December 26th. When I got up the day after Christmas my husband pointed to the Christmas tree. He said Santa forgot to leave those two gifts for you Christmas eve. Like a little kid I tore into the gifts. The first contained two beautiful tops. He has such good taste in clothes and jewelry.The next was a bag with a kit made up of Chalkology paste, wax, stencils, chalkboards and squeegy. My husband Edward aka Santa had a friend at work that sells Chalkology supplies make up a kit especially for me. I love this gift very much. It was one of my favorites I've received from him. Don't get me wrong, I love jewelry and clothes. This gift really shows that he listens to me when I talk about the crafts I like to do.

Karen Merritt3
Karen Merritt3
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