What to do with this space?

Microwave went here but got one over the stove son took this one. Use it to store dishes and can food. Now what should I do with the space?
q what to do with this space

Updating stairs, kitchen and living room - how to get laminate up?

Hi looking to do this ourselves using Life proof vinyl planks in kitchen and living room from home depot. Stairs take off carpet and stain. Paint walls entry way and... See more
q updating stairs kitchen and living room flooring how to get laminate

Downstairs bathroom needs Serious help!

Ok so I know it needs help. I don't have a lot of money to invest right now but suggestions on how to improve in the meantime? I replaced ceiling tile only to have... See more
q downstairs bathroom needs serious help

Bathroom needs refresh-Help!

My bathroom needs updating. I don't want to spend a lot - we want to use what we have if we can, but refresh the look. I've looked up some ideas. I'd like to paint... See more
q bathroom needs refresh help, bathroom ideas, home decor, home decor dilemma, home improvement, small bathroom ideas, small home improvement projects, wall decor, Thinking of putting a shelf above the door

Beth Van
Beth Van