faux metal letters with nail heads

Faux Metal Letters With Nail Heads

Do you like the look of metal decor? I've seen some really amazing galvanized metal words and...

create an essential oil shelf from a thrifted spoon display

Create an Essential Oil Shelf From a Thrifted Spoon Display

How to repurpose an old spoon shelf into a pretty essential oil shelf. If you're looking for...

aged terracotta clay pots

Aged Terracotta Clay Pots

Inspired by Magnolia, you can create your own aged looking terra cotta clay pots using inexpensive...

diy metal leaf bedroom wall art

DIY Metal Leaf Bedroom Wall Art

It's great to be inspired by art and decor you see in stores and magazines. But it's also a lot of...

turn a thrift store spice rack into creative storage

Craft Storage From a Thrifted Spice Rack

If you need a place to store all the little things in your craft room or home office, how about...

recycled salad container into a bird feeder

Recycled Salad Container Into a Bird Feeder

Upcycling and recreating everyday items can be fun for kids! This summer, don't throw out your fast...

diy travel memories shadowbox

DIY Travel Memories Shadow Box

Why store all your favorite travel mementos in a drawer, never to be seen again? Using an easy to...

painted rocks a project to make people smile

Painted Rocks- a Project to Make People Smile

Who would have thought that finding a rock on the ground would make someone's day? It would if the...

ugly bistro table into french country beauty

Ugly Bistro Table Into French Country Beauty

A $1 yard sale find becomes a beautiful French country inspired bistro table. It was the end of a...

turn an odd end table into a game table

Turn an Odd End Table Into a Game Table

Have you ever come across a cute table, but it was just a little odd? It may not have had the other...

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