diy kid s reading nook

DIY Kid's Reading Nook

This corner in Ryan's room was missing something. But I couldn't decide what. When I thought about what she really loved, I knew it had to do with books! This little girl has so many books but no where to enjoy them!So I set out to make her the cutest little reading nook you ever did see!

farmhouse laundry renovation reveal

Farmhouse Laundry Renovation: Reveal

This project has been a long time coming and took us a total of 6 months from start to finish. My husband and I did all the work ourselves without hiring out a single bit of it. It's a lot of work living in an 1800's farmhouse but we're passionate about restoring it and this was a room we've wanted to renovate from the very beginning.

refinishing 100 year old floors using only oil

Refinishing 100 Year Old Floors Using ONLY Oil

You read that right! No stain, no polyurethane, just plain ole oil!When we started our laundry room renovation, I knew I wanted to save the floors. This used to be the front porch, and over 150+ years, it's taken a beating and had some pretty bad stains and gaps. I knew that with a good sanding a great finish, they could look beautiful so we opted to save them and ignore everyone who told us not to!

bold green cabinet makeover with step by step instructions

Bold Green Cabinet Makeover With Step by Step Instructions

Another save from the burn pile! I eyed this sad little cabinet and didn't honestly think it could be saved, but it was free so I took it home with me. It sat in our living room for about a month until I finally set to work to make it good as new again!

potting bench tutorial using recycled products

Potting Bench Tutorial Using Recycled Products

$0. That's what this project cost us. And a total time of one hour to design, cut and assemble it. Hubby and I agree, this is by far our easiest project ever! And probably one of our favorites.Maybe you've noticed the potting bench fad filling up your Pinterest feeds? I fell in love. And I knew we had enough plants to make use for it, not to mention the fact that I can style this thing super cute with party favors, drinks and food when we have guests over!

60 second basket wreath on a budget

60 Second Basket Wreath On A Budget

Are you the type of person who sees those beautiful spring/summer wreaths hanging up in the store, and your jaw drops at the price tag?! Me too!Are you the type of person who doesn't want to spend time making a wreath? Me too! If you answered yes to both of those questions, then I promise this project is for you! I even added a spin on this wreath, and used a basket!

how to repurpose singer sewing drawers, BEFORE

How To Repurpose Singer Sewing Drawers

My good friend called me over because her father-in-law had a trailer full of junk. When I got there she had these amazing singer sewing drawers waiting for me. They needed some serious work but I knew they had potential. I've seen so many people repurposed these as nightstand cubbies so I wanted to give it a try myself!

vintage kids desk makeover

Vintage Kids Desk Makeover

My in-laws brought me the cutest little desk, but it was in serious need of a makeover. The paint was old and chippy and it was an ugly brown. It was the perfect size for my two year old so I grabbed some paint and got to it!

vintage window makeover using a poster

Vintage Window Makeover Using A Poster

We just installed a vintage door in our bedroom and I knew this room needed a little something else to go with it. I had an old window laying around and just needed to find some artwork to go in it. I ordered this cow butcher poster (affiliate link) here and some elmer's spray adhesive (affiliate link) and had this DIY finished in less than 5 minutes!

how to style an ugly couch

How To Style An Ugly Couch

We all have had one, and they make your living room an eye sore. I have an ugly couch and always thought there was no way to cover it up or make it look cozy. I'm sharing a few tips and tricks I've learned along the way to help you style an ugly couch.

Hayden Scharrer
Hayden Scharrer