save money and toxic nastiness when cleaning metals, cleaning tips

Save money and toxic nastiness when cleaning metals!

I have always used the leftover taco sauce or ketchup packets to clean brass. It is the perfect acidity to clean them without using any chemicals. After you have cleaned them with the sauces just use a mild dish detergent and clean them off. Ready to be buffed to a nice shine!

how to make a thrifty and fun welcome sign, crafts, repurposing upcycling

How to Make a Thrifty and Fun Welcome Sign

This was a pretty easy repurposing project. And what is fun about this sign is it can be changed out to reflect whatever occasion you want. Since storage is always a problem for me, having something like a welcome sign that can be used by changing out the background for any holiday makes life a lot easier!

painted patio pavers, concrete masonry, crafts, patio

Painted Patio Pavers

I have such a talented mom! She was at a home improvement store one day and saw plain patio pavers and thought they were shaped like baskets of flowers. So she bought some and turned them into just that! They turned out so fun and cute! To see the other designs she came up with, check out my blog post!

how to clean silver without using harsh toxins chemicals, cleaning tips

How to Clean Silver Without Using Harsh Toxins/chemicals

I decided to start a new feature on The Thrifty Groove where I actually try the pins I have on my Pinterest boards and see if they are a "Fail/Success". This easy solution is a success! I am so excited about that because I am a gal that loves her old thrifted tarnished silver finds! Sometimes the tarnish looks works but, Sometimes I want my silver pieces to shine in all their beautiful glory! Who knew it could be this easy! Not me! :)

the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the picture frame, crafts, halloween decorations, seasonal holiday decor

…The Itsy Bitsy Spider Climbed Up the Picture Frame…

This year for Halloween decorations, I decided I really wanted to make some fun items and really focus on what I had on hand. This is a fun way to use a thrifted frame or even a dollar store frame. I had this frame and it had just been sitting around so i decided to use it to make a Halloween spider frame. So, with about .50 cents out of pocket cost I had fun making this Itsy Bitsy Spider frame.Super easy, quick and thrifty!

a simple and thrifty non toxic scrubbing cleaner recipe, cleaning tips

A Simple and Thrifty Non-Toxic Scrubbing Cleaner Recipe

I took a crockpot of chili to a get together. Of course on the way it spilled. Once I got to the party I plugged the crockpot in and that spillage cooked and baked on for hours! By the time I got home I really didn't want to deal with it so, I left it for the next day. Oh this was not going to be fun! I tried some dish soap and got a little off but, not too much. It was time to bring out the Jr. high science experiment! Two simple household ingredients. A non toxic cleaner that does the job of most scrubbing cleaners on the market.

make a halloween fabric wreath, crafts, halloween decorations, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, Finished Halloween Wreath

Make a Halloween Fabric Wreath

This is a fun, simple and inexpensive Halloween wreath. Find a thrift store frame (I found a picture and bought it for just $1.00), gather some fabric that you want to use to create a Halloween look (check out the thrift stores for old curtains, linens or even clothes for cheap material) an then a couple of dollar store Halloween doodads (I used black crows and spiders). That's all you need!

how to reuse color epsom salts for valentine s day, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor, valentines day ideas

How to Reuse & Color Epsom Salts for Valentine's Day

I love to use Epsom Salts for a pretty snowy look in jars for candles during Christmas. Did you know you can reuse those Epsom salts and color them to reflect a different holiday? I actually use and burn the candles in my jars so, there is waxy gunk left over in the Epsom Salts. It's easy to remove and reuse. That's what I am doing for Valentine's Day! And I like to add a little glitter to the mix as well! Easy, thrifty and so pretty!

using small hidden places for storage, cleaning tips, organizing, storage ideas

Using Small Hidden Places for Storage

I don't have a large kitchen so storage of any kind is limited. And I don't really like to use up any of that precious space for odds and ends. So, I make my decor work double time! I collect and just love old ironstone pitchers. Why not use them for a little storage?

new years eve glitz glam tablescape thrifty style, home decor, seasonal holiday decor

New Years Eve Glitz & Glam Tablescape ~ Thrifty Style!

I love to have a very glamorous table for New Year's Eve. But, it has to be done on a thrifty budget. I scour the thrift stores and clearance areas all year long to find different things that will create a tablescape. Most of the things on this table were from a thrift store, yard sale, flea market or in the clearance section. The whole table cost less than $20.00 to put together! I love that! Check out the full tablescape and prices on myb log!

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