top 5 gardening tasks to do before the first frost arrives

Top 5 Gardening Tasks to Do Before the First Frost Arrives

When Indian summer fades into fall, it’s time to catch up on late-season gardening to-dos. Some gardening chores should be completed before the first frost arrives. Check out our five-point list of what to do in the garden before the first frost.

fall tree care tips how to prep your trees for winter s freeze

Fall Tree Care Tips – How to Prep Your Trees for Winter’s Freeze

Autumn is the best time to prepare your trees for the chilly months ahead and to take steps to ensure healthy growth next spring. Pruning dead and diseased branches, mulching, and fertilizing are all essential. Follow our fall tree care how-tos and your trees will be healthy and happy during their long winter’s nap.

all about planting spring blooming bulbs in fall

All About Planting Spring Blooming Bulbs in Fall

Bright and beautiful tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are welcome cues of spring’s arrival. But to enjoy their lovely blooms, it requires a little planning ahead as spring flowering bulbs should be planted the previous fall. Cool fall weather allows time for the bulbs to winter over, producing cheerful flowers the following spring. Below are hints and how to’s on planting spring blooming bulbs in fall.

diy pvc bird an easy yard decoration tutorial

DIY PVC Bird – An Easy Yard Decoration Tutorial

Need new decorations for the front of your home? Try making a DIY PVC bird! They make great yard decorations and are an easy gift to make for family or friends. Use our step-by-step tutorial below to guide you throughout the process.

luxurious bathroom ideas on a budget

Luxurious Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

High-end spas are famous for delighting the senses through beautiful views, relaxing scents, and warm touches. Transform your bathroom into a high-end spa with these luxurious bathroom ideas.

best flower bed border ideas for savvy home gardeners

Best Flower Bed Border Ideas for Savvy Home Gardeners

A blooming flower garden is a visual treat for gardeners and visitors alike. But how neat and orderly you keep your garden is essential, too. Flowers that bob in the path of lawn mowers risk karate chop – no fun for you, or the flowers. Save the blooms with these handy flower bed border ideas.Garden edging separates your lawn and walkway from your flowers and landscape plants. Garden edging – whether found or manufactured – is available in a range of materials –stone, brick, steel, and wood to name a few. Here’s an overview –

how tos for painting over stains on walls and surfaces

How-tos for Painting Over Stains on Walls and Surfaces

Did your kiddo recently “decorate” a bedroom wall with a permanent marker? Or maybe you’ve noticed a suspicious stain on the basement ceiling? Painting over stains on indoor surfaces is 3-step simple. First, you’ll need to do a little detective work to figure out the type of stain you’ve got. Continue reading for tips and how-tos –

all rose no thorn 3 key spring rose care tips for top blossoms, flowers, gardening

All Rose & No Thorn! 3 Key Spring Rose Care Tips for Top Blossoms

Roses are one of America's favorite flowers, and for good reason. Their delicate, velvety blooms are captivatingly beautiful, and their distinctive fragrance is one of the loveliest in nature. Roses come in countless colors and varieties, and need different care to keep them at their best. Read on to learn 3 essential things that you can do right now to give your roses a boost, so you and your family can enjoy lots of gorgeous blossoms this summer!

harvesting herbs how tos for home gardeners

Harvesting Herbs: How-tos for Home Gardeners

Harvesting herbs is a home gardener’s joy. It’s a much-anticipated occasion – a time when weeks of planting, weeding, and watering produce healthy, fragrant herbs to delight the senses and the dinner table. Read on for hints and tips on harvesting and storing the fruits (and veggies) of your labor.

secrets to growing indoor palm plants

Secrets to Growing Indoor Palm Plants

Tropical palms can add an exotic, beachside feel to your bathroom, living room, or any other room in your home. If you’re interested in growing indoor palm plants, read on for tips and how-tos to keep your palm healthy and thriving.

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