diy mason jar candles and other teacher s gifts, crafts, mason jars, I used an old T shirt for the top

DIY Mason Jar Candles and Other Teacher's Gifts

You'll never buy a toxic and overpriced candle in a store again - make these adorable mason jar...

reuse twist ties to make this thrifty netting fence for your garden

Reuse Twist Ties To Make This Thrifty Netting Fence for Your Garden

Hi! If you know my blog Dagmar's Home, you know that I'm passionate about green living.I'm all about...

make this pretty winter tablescape with this ikea hack

Pretty Winter Tablescape With IKEA Hack!

You won't believe what I use as a table runner to make this pretty centerpiece for this year's...

10 minutes mason jar pendant light

10 Minutes Mason Jar Pendant Lamp!

It only took me 10 minutes to make this DIY mason jar pendant lamp!You can find the easy tutorial on...

apothecary jar made with a mason jar

Apothecary Jar Made With a Mason Jar

I love mason jars. We store a lot of things in mason jars in our kitchen, and when I found a pretty...

diy porch curtains with shower liners

$20 Instant Porch Curtains With Shower Liners!

Find the easy tutorial on Dagmar's Home.Every time it rains, I had to move the wood furniture on our...

get rid of scratches on wood forever with this easy trick

Get Rid of Scratches on Wood Forever With This Easy Trick!

Do you have brown wood furniture or shelves that have seen better days?
I buy a lot of home decor

27 diy animal feeder ideas, diy, outdoor living

27 DIY Animal Feeder Ideas

Hometalk asked me to curate a "feeder ideas" board, and I was thrilled to put together 27 animal...

last minute easy new year s eve diy ideas

Last-Minute, Easy New Year's Eve DIY Ideas

We just survived Christmas, and now it’s already time for New Year’s Eve!
Do you have guests coming

last minute christmas gifts you can still make

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Still Make!

Do you still need a gift, either for Christmas or a birthday, or any other occasion?
Then this post

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