diy mason jar candles and other teacher s gifts, crafts, mason jars, I used an old T shirt for the top

DIY Mason Jar Candles and Other Teacher's Gifts

You'll never buy a toxic and overpriced candle in a store again - make these adorable mason jar candles with soy wax in an hour yourself!

reuse twist ties to make this thrifty netting fence for your garden

Reuse Twist Ties To Make This Thrifty Netting Fence for Your Garden

Hi! If you know my blog Dagmar's Home, you know that I'm passionate about green living.I'm all about reusing, recycling, and repurposing, and kind of a hoarder of a lot of things like orange juice can tops (which I reused for plant markers and to make this pin board).One thing I keep saving is the twist ties from bread bags, and they came in handy when I devised an inexpensive and super fast netting fence for my small container garden on the side of our Blue Cottage. I wanted to keep little critters and deer out of our garden, and I wanted the most inexpensive way to make a garden fencing, and this is what I came up with. And it works perfectly!We only have a small garden, but you can create this fence for larger gardens as well.

make this pretty winter tablescape with this ikea hack

Pretty Winter Tablescape With IKEA Hack!

You won't believe what I use as a table runner to make this pretty centerpiece for this year's Christmas Home Tour of our Blue Cottage!

10 minutes mason jar pendant light

10 Minutes Mason Jar Pendant Lamp!

It only took me 10 minutes to make this DIY mason jar pendant lamp!You can find the easy tutorial on Dagmar's Home.Mason jar pendant lights are all the rage and sell for a lot of money - but you can make them yourself, for not much money!In this post, I want to encourage you to make your own mason jar lamp. It seriously took me longer to gather the supplies for this lamp than it did to make it.

apothecary jar made with a mason jar

Apothecary Jar Made With a Mason Jar

I love mason jars. We store a lot of things in mason jars in our kitchen, and when I found a pretty finial and short candle holder in a thrift store, I made this apothecary jar.Find the full tutorial on Dagmar's Home.I’ll show you how to make this mason jar apothecary jar with just a few simple steps.

diy porch curtains with shower liners

$20 Instant Porch Curtains With Shower Liners!

Find the easy tutorial on Dagmar's Home.Every time it rains, I had to move the wood furniture on our porch to the center of the porch and cover them with plastic tarps so they wouldn't get ruined.That not only doesn’t look nice, it’s also just annoying!We were not able to enjoy the porch like we would like to because I was constantly moving things.So I came up with the perfect, inexpensive solution: add curtains on the sides of the porch that I can pull out when it’s raining!I made them with $10 shower curtain liners that look like fabric.They have been working like a charm for 2 years now! They have not ripped, and when they get dirty, I can throw them into the washing machine.

get rid of scratches on wood forever with this easy trick

Get Rid of Scratches on Wood Forever With This Easy Trick!

Do you have brown wood furniture or shelves that have seen better days?
I buy a lot of home decor and furniture in thrift stores or at tag sales. I'm not bothered by them being a little banged up because I have my miracle solution for scratches and nicks.
I'll show you the ONE product that will make them look like new - just wipe it on!

27 diy animal feeder ideas, diy, outdoor living

27 DIY Animal Feeder Ideas

Hometalk asked me to curate a "feeder ideas" board, and I was thrilled to put together 27 animal feeder ideas that you can find on Hometalk.
Amazing what people come up with! I love the fact that a lot of these are upcycled from all kinds of things, like dustpans and muffin tins.

last minute easy new year s eve diy ideas

Last-Minute, Easy New Year's Eve DIY Ideas

We just survived Christmas, and now it’s already time for New Year’s Eve!
Do you have guests coming to celebrate New Year’s Eve with you? These 6 treats and decorating ideas will impress your family, friends, and co-workers.
The good thing is that we can all still pull off one or all of these 6 easy, last-minute New Year’s Eve party ideas I’ve compiled in this post.

last minute christmas gifts you can still make

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Still Make!

Do you still need a gift, either for Christmas or a birthday, or any other occasion?
Then this post will come in handy! Here are the 7 most genius gift ideas anyone would love to get as a gift!
You can find the whole post on Dagmar's Home (

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