five pantry mistakes you don t want to make, closet, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, organizing

Five Pantry Mistakes You Don't Want to Make!

My guest, Nina, had a fabulous pantry makeover - only she's realized later on that she made some mistakes that she is sharing with us!
1. Storing non-pantry items in the pantry
2. Storing fruit in the pantry

great linen closet organizing tips, closet, organizing

Great Linen Closet Organizing Tips!

It your linen closet is a mess, it's a much needed idea to get it organized. Throw out what isn't necessary. Keep what is. Label, label, label...get it ready for summer or for company so you can get in there and get the sheets, blankets, or summer towels out! ideas

updated vintage vanity or dressing table, painted furniture

Updated Vintage Vanity {or dressing table}

This is a 1940s vanity that I bought off of Craig's List and updated with a coat of paint! It's darling!

11 ways to creatively organize jewelry, organizing

11 Ways to Creatively Organize Jewelry

How in the world can you organize your jewelry? I've found 11 creative ways to do just that from many bloggers and myself. Some made them, some bought them, some got seriously creative, but everyone found a solution that worked for them! home

11 ways to have a grown up closet, closet, organizing, Shirts folded in fourths help you see all of them and see space

11 Ways to Have a Grown up Closet

Do you feel like your closet is a mess and unorganized? Here are 11 ways to have a grown up and organized closet!

fun and cheery front entry curb appeal, curb appeal, doors, painting, Our beautiful front door in yellow So warm and welcoming

Fun and Cheery Front Entry Curb Appeal

Updated our home with a fun blue paint and bright, cheery yellow front door. I had the front steps painted so that they have a dimension of being wood - gray color goes over the lip and then filled in with the white paint on front.

organized spice rack, organizing, storage ideas

Organized Spice Rack

Here is how I re-organized my spices using two pull down spice racks.

going green solar panel installation, go green, lighting, roofing

Going Green: Solar Panel Installation

We are tired of our high energy bills here in Southern California, and since we were getting a new roof it was the perfect time to put solar panels on our home. Plus, we got a HUGE tax credit and then a BIG rebate from our local water and power company. So, it cut the cost in half! panels

the best rv and camping organizing products, organizing

The Best RV and Camping Organizing Products

If you are looking to get your camping and RV trip organized, I've got all kinds of great ones that will help you stay organized and have an extra great time. It's a lot of fun and the family will have a blast, so check out all the great ideas I have for you and click the link at the bottom to get even more ideas.

drought tolerant front yard full of flowers, gardening

Drought Tolerant Front Yard Full of Flowers

If you live in a place where you have a drought or very little rain, then you know how difficult it can be to have a beautiful yard flowing with flowers - until now! You see, I have a beautifully flowering front yard with little water! In fact, our city only allows us ONE day a week to water during the fall/winter and two days a week during spring/summer. Let me share with you which plants I've used and how I was able to get it to stay so colorful!
For more information, go to the link at the bottom and get full details.

Organizing Made Fun-Becky Barnfather
Organizing Made Fun-Becky Barnfather