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Homemade dog bed or cat bed.

The big one started off as a trial bed for a friend. It was way too much work to be cost effective. The two smaller ones were ideas I got off of another blog. My husband built them, I did all the finishing work. Painting them is a pain. The cushions are pillows covered in fabric found from Goodwill(the black and white one, not the others!

another stain art on a chalk painted frenchie

Another 'Stain Art' on a Chalk Painted Frenchie!

I've done about 6 of these designs w/stain over the years. See my blog for more pictures!!

updating a crappy 1970 s ornate dresser lots of tips and how to s , diy, how to, painted furniture

Updating a Crappy 1970's Ornate Dresser-lots of Tips and How To's!

I love to transform vintage dressers. I've done, oh, maybe a hundred or so! All kinds, from antiques to the 1980's. I"ve found that these ornate dressers from the 70's are quite popular when done in crisp, glossy beautiful shades. I decided to do this one in a 'ballet pink'.

want to bling up you wall a bit how bout switch plate covers , crafts, wall decor

Want to Bling up Your Wall a Bit? How 'bout Switch Plate Covers?

I realize this isn't up everyone's alley. It's just a fun DIY project that you can even get the kids to take part in. Have spare glass tiles or bits of broken mirror or even costume jewelry lying about? This is simple and quick.

how to hand paint a transfer graphic onto wood furniture , chalk paint, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

How to Hand Paint a Transfer Graphic Onto Wood Furniture.

Let me start out by saying I am NOT an artist! I don't know how to paint on a canvas, unless you count that "Painting and Vino" 3 hours classes that are all the rage! Don't ever not try something because you think you don't have the skill. You may surprise yourself.

what would you do w this desk pass or fix it see how i fixed it, painted furniture

What Would You Do W/this Desk? Pass or Fix It? See How I Fixed It!

I've been refinishing vintage furniture for many years. And fixing what I call, "horrendous waterfall desks/vanities" is not new for me. I've done a few of these over the years and am always amazed at how forgiving the wood really is on these babies!

henredon cabinet gets a facelift, painted furniture

Henredon Cabinet Gets a Facelift!

I picked up this tired, vintage cabinet off of CL (where else?!). I can hear the questions, "Why did you paint it??!!" Well, because I wanted to. Lol. The finish was worn and dark and it just needed a little oomph. I did refinish the drawer though!!
I do many, many vintage furniture re-dos. If the wood is in outstanding shape, I leave it. all most all of my redo's have issues with the wood finish. I do a lot of top refinishing as well. This particular piece got General Finishes Driftwood Gray milk paint with a wipe on black glaze after painting. A satin Deft top coat finished it.

vintage table gets made into a pet bed, chalk paint, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Vintage Table Gets Made Into a Pet Bed!

Here's what we started with. My client had seen one of my other ones for sale and actually wanted to know if I could repaint it in the colors she wanted. Rather than doing that, I found a very similar one to do for her. She wanted a deep teal w/black glazing w/a red interior. Oh, and she asked if I could attach some legs on it because she wanted it to sit higher. Done!

redoing vintage buffet w mahogany wood and home made chalk paint, painted furniture

Redoing Vintage Buffet W/Mahogany Wood and Home Made Chalk Paint

I've been redoing vintage furniture, of all kinds, for the last 5 years. I especially love to bring back the wood from the dead! If I showed you the before photos of some of my pieces, you would bet the wood was destroyed beyond repair. But often times wood can be very forgiving. If you've done your homework and know some wood finishing basics, you can breathe life back into your pieces.
I'll briefly cover the basics here, but for the full detail on this piece, please click on the link to my blog post of this buffet. You will find the link at the bottom of this post. Thanks!

vintage faux bamboo desk gets a new look, painted furniture

Vintage Faux Bamboo Desk Gets a New Look!

This bamboo line from Thomasville was/is very popular. Original paint finish for this guy was the white laminate top with yellowy-green paint finish. Not so popular in this day and age! The desk was part of the entire bedroom set. I know a lot of fellow finishers have done the desk and the dresser. I picture these pieces in a sort of Miami Beach-Hollywood Regency sort of decor. Glossy. No shabby-chic chalk paint stuff for these guys!

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Beth H. Makemeprettyagain.blogspot
About meRetired. Started an "upcycle" business repurposing vintage and antique furniture. I love to refinish wood but if I can't save it, I paint it. And I don't mean just slapping some latex over it. I really get into re-doing my pieces.