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How to Dye or Stain Concrete Floors

Yesterday, I posted about cleaning and preparing your concrete floors for dyeing or staining (, well here are the results! I used a kit by Behr, purchased at the Home Depot. I did have to purchase some extra stain and sealer becasue my room was a bit bigger than their recommendation, But I LOVE my floors and they are perfect for my new craftroom! I was very surprised at how easy it was to dye these floors (the "hard" part is the preparation!)

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Cleaning with Vinegar

I used to use vinegar just for taking the sting our of my sunburn, but now that I am an adult (and wear sunscreen) I love using vinegar to clean everything! I have recently have ditched the rest of my cleaning supplies and made up a few formulas of vinegar cleaners, including some lemon scented ones!
With just some cleaning vinegar, water, and a spray bottle, there is a world of possibilities to clean naturally and economically. Add in some essential oils for a different scent and also mix it with baking soda for a scrubber!

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Pipe Cleaner Heart Garlands

I tend to over complicate everything...but every once in awhile I come up with an idea that takes very few supplies and very little effort and this is one of them! All you need is pipe cleaners (in red and white), scissors, and a ribbon/twine...and well a heart cookie cutter if you need some assistance making a heart shape.

make a christmas tree crate hide that ugly stand, christmas decorations, hardwood floors, seasonal holiday decor, woodworking projects, I am thrilled with how quickly this porject came together and how it pulls the look of the tree together and makes it seem so complete

Make A Christmas Tree Crate (Hide that Ugly Stand)

For years I have hated the green and red plastic monster under the Christmas tree. I have tried to hide it, ignore it, come to terms with it...but nothing works.BUT not this year. In about 2 hours total, I whipped up a simple rustic crate (about a 26" x 26" square) to house the yet I do not have to look at the ugly stand but get the peace of mind of knowing that plastic monster is protect my hardwood floors from water damage etc.
I only needed 5 pieces of 1x4x10 pine cut into the right dimensions (6 - 26", 9 - 25") about 2 dozen +/- wood screws, some wood stain and paint to create this Christmas Tree crate that look as though it could have fallen off Santa's sled.

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Mdf coffee table to Parisian chic accent table

I recently received a small mdf coffee table as [art of a blogger challenge. It was a fine little table, but too small in scale to be a coffee table in my I transformed it using some metallic glazing paint (finished with a clear coat of polyurethane), some gorgeous (faux) Parisian maps and decoupage and some metallic upholstery nails. Now, I must say it is a chic little cutie that I am using to house my favorite fashion and Parisian inspired accents.

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Easy Fix for Damaged Wood

I have used this method for over ten years. I somehow always inherit master bathrooms that are huge...but have problems...and always streaky water damaged wood is one of them. I have used this trick on vanities, furniture and now on this door. It is super simple and you only need petroleum jelly and a rag...and a teeny tiny bit of patience.
Here are the super easy steps:
Clean the area

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Ribbon and Puffy Heart Valentines Wreath

I am very bad at decorating for the holidays...very bad. I usually jump on the bandwagon late in the game...but thankfully I can always whip up a wreath and my house looks festive! I saw these adorable felt puffy hearts at Michaels and had to have them. I had a project I was going to make with puffy heart, but I was going to make my own hearts...until I saw these cuties!

diy buffet service station

DIY Buffet Service Station

I love having friends over for, well, just about any occasion. I love creating the menu, the decor - everything. I do find one thing I always need more of when I have a party is table space. Food, drinks, plates, cups, utensils - it takes up valuable food space on y serving table. I whipped up this DIY service station to help with that problem and I think it looks pretty cute too!

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Canvas and Burlap Heirloom Wreath

I do not have a lot of photos, memorabilia, or for that matter even memories of many of my family members. (so many of them passed when I was a young child) As I get older I have been trying to capture precious moments in time and make these family members a part of our lives, even in a small way. A few years ago I created this wreath to showcase members of my grandmothers family. It is one of the most precious things in my home and everyone who visits comments on it.

rustic and personalized wedding or valentines gift

Rustic and Personalized Wedding or Valentines Gift

I spent many, many years planning fabulous weddings...and I gotta tell ya...I miss it (not the long hours...but everything else). Last year an amazing caterer I know asked me to make these rustic wood wedding signs for each of her couples. I love the idea and they are such an amazing wedding keepsake or unique part of the wedding decor. And the best part..they are really simple to make.

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