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This home in Ridgefield CT. was a nice project many years ago. It filled in beautifully through the years and gave the family a large level space to gather and recreate. If I knew then what I know now about water features, that slope would have had an awesome water feature on it.
Unfortunatley, this year it was ripped out for a pool.........Well, at least I have some nice photos of it before it was destroyed. Enjoy

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New Deck & Pergola

Nice transformation from a contractors pressure treated deck to a composite deck with a pergola, benches, and a newly terraced backhill all leveled and ready for play

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I was teaching my Justina how to carve tonight when I made a mistake and cut the supports for the eyes out on my kissing fish pumpkins. I told her that it was okay and we would find a way to get some eyes for the fish. A couple of 3/4" washers and glue and wouldn't you know it, this was better than the eyes we would have had

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Drab To Fab

Backyard Living Feels A Little Different Now
With TRD Designs

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Pumpkins For My Girls

Love carving these patterns..............Enjoy

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Why waste a wooded area when you can have it become a multiple use area.
Breakaway Patio, Firepit, Seasonal Color. LED Landscape Lighting and a Pondless Waterfall enable the Keep Your Kids At Home concept. ENJOY

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TRD Interior Bath Design & Project Management

I have to stay busy in the Winter months. I also enjoy the concept of bringing outdoors inside. Can you see that in this project ?
First of 3 bathrooms with a wonderful client who was hands on with me for this simple yet extremely tasteful layout. Enjoy

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Landscape Lighting For Your Home and Landscape

The way to achieve extraordinary results from landscape lighting:
1. Choose lighting that does not overpower your landscape.
2. See the effects of the lights without seeing the source.

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Bring your fish above the water...enjoy
I have this amazing detail in a few of my creations......

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When this homeowner purchased their home, they did so fully aware that to really enjoy it, it needed to be transformed. 750 cubic yards of rock ledge removed and 6 months of my contractors on a daily basis is all forgotten about now. Why leave home when your vacation is outside your own back door.

TRD Designs Ltd.
TRD Designs Ltd.