upcycled soap how to make soap the frugal way

Upcycled Soap – How to Make Soap the Frugal Way!

Soap making is great fun and makes a lovely homemade gift. However, it’s so easy to fall into the...

how to make easy fabric covered books

How to Make Easy Fabric Covered Books

Have you seen the price of cute stationary these days? My daughter really wanted a pretty academic...

how to make an adorable teasel hedgehog

How to Make an Adorable Teasel Hedgehog

Learn how to make an adorable Teasel Hedgehog out of a teasel seed head in our super easy tutorial....

how to make super easy plantable seed paper

How to Make Super Easy Plantable Seed Paper.

Plantable seed paper is paper ready-impregnated with seeds. Although expensive in the shops it is...

how to easily bleach pine cones at home

How to Easily Bleach Pine Cones at Home

I am a huge fan of Pinterest! Every visit, I find something new and different that inspires me;...

how to make super easy bath soaks

How to Make Super Easy Bath Soaks

Today was the last day of the school year, and like many people, we enjoyed making a little homemade...

how to make sticky nature cards the simplest kids craft ever

How to Make Sticky Nature Cards - The Simplest Kids Craft Ever!

Sticky nature cards are the most straightforward kid's craft to set up ever! They’re portable, and a...

how to make an adorable succulent hedgehog planter out of trash

How to Make an Adorable Succulent Hedgehog Planter Out of Trash.

Hedgehogs are one of our best-loved mammals here in the UK, and most people would be delighted to...

how to make unique eco prints using a steamer

How to Make Unique Eco Prints Using a Steamer

Have you ever heard of Eco Prints? Eco printing is the process of using natural plant materials such...

how to make oak gall ink

How to Make Oak Gall Ink

Do you know what the Magna Carta, the American Declaration of Independence and Jane Austin's Pride...

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