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Creating Fish Habitat In Your Large Pond

Many pond owners will eliminate all vegetation and rely onman-made structures to support fish populations. The Hidey Hole Tree andShrub structures create an ideal tangle-free fish habitat where forage fish andjuvenile game fish can be safe as well as eat. The larger predator fishwill use the habitat sites for hunting.

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Backyard Ice Cave

Southeast Michigan has been blasted by a cold harsh winter and currently experiencing polar vortex #3. Lots of cool ice cave pictures have been circling the internet and with a recent short warm up we can say that we have our very own ice cave. The Poseidon Ponds & Landscaping pondless waterfall has been running strong in one of the harshest winters in southeast Michigan history. It has been great watching it changed all winter and we couldn't have asked for a better winter to test running water features all year. So for Poseidon Ponds & Landscaping is happy to share the Mann Ice Cave.

stone wall and patio with fire pit, outdoor living, patio, Natural stone wall and patio with fire pit Ypsilanti MI This picture shows why we chose the materials that we did because of the strong northern vibe

Stone wall and patio with fire pit

Based on the northern setting of this home we built a Pennsylvania stone stacked wall with a Pennsylvania lilac flagstone patio complete with a fire pit in Ypsilanti, Mi.

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Hardy Aquatic Plants- Rainbow Water Parsley

Rainbow Water Parsley, Oenanthe javanica 'Flamingo' This great shoreline and river aquatic plant does not flower much and is best known for its showy pink margins in the cooler weather of the spring and fall months. Rainbow water parsley grows in depths of 2 inches of water above the crown and reaches a height of 6 inches. Situate in sun to part shade where it is excellent for softening the rock shores of your water feature.

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Hardy Marginal Aquatic Plants- Copper Iris, Iris fulva

Copper Iris, Iris fulva. This beautiful copper red flower can be seen along the shoreline around mid-June in Michigan. The copper iris is also sometimes referred to as the red iris. This is a smaller iris reaching a height around 1 foot and growing in shallow water of up to 3 inches over the crown. Copper iris prefers to grow in full sun to part shade and is an excellent selection for water garden owners with a small feature.

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Hardy Aquatic Plants

Blue Flag Iris, Iris versicolor. The gorgeous blooms of this native Michigan plant can be seen in mid to late spring along the shoreline of the water feature. Growing in 3 inches of water above the crown the bright green sharp foliage reaches a height of 2 to 3 feet. Iris versicolor is great for any water feature and does best in sun to part shade.

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Hardy Aquatic Plants

Cowslip, Caltha palustris. The bright yellow single flowers bloom in early spring along the shoreline of the water feature. This plants is also commonly called marsh marigold so it is best to remember the scientific name of this hardy aquatic marginal plant. Caltha palustris grows 12 inches tall in a water depth of 2 inches above the crown of the plant and does well in sun to part shade. A great plant for those looking to add some bright vibrant color to the brown and gray landscape of Michigan's early spring.

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Happy Valentines Day from your Pond Plants

The 'Ann Chowning' Louisiana Iris is a stunning and wonderful addition to any pond. The flower appears in early summer if you live in Michigan atop green stems reaching a height of 2 feet and anchored in no more than 6 inches of water over the crown. Found growing best in sun to part shade.

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Hardy Water Lily Fall Tips and Tricks

Hardy Water Lily Fall Tips and Tricks Hardy Water Lily Courtesy of: Poseidon Plants Hardy water lilies rely on the length of the day to determine when to stop growing in the fall. During the fall season most hardy water lilies will develop leaves known as "indicator leaves." Indicator leaves are small almost transparent leaves that can be found at the base of the plant near the rhizome. They are the plants way of determining when the length of day increases in the spring season. Once the plant has indicated an increase in day length new growth will emerged from the rhizome. Trim away the old hardy water lily foliage in the fall but be sure not to disturb any of the indicator leaves. Hardy Water Lily Courtesy of: Poseidon Plants Fertilizing your hardy water lilies in the cooler water is not effective because the plants are not able to absorb the nutrients. The unused fertilizer will only contribute to the nutrient load and spring algal blooms. When it comes to over wintering your hardy water lilies you have two options.1. Submerge your hardy water lilies to a depth below freezing. If ice forms on the rhizome you will have plant cell death that will lead to softness and rotting.2. Remove your hardy water lilies from the water feature and store them in a cool, dark, and humid location (free from freezing). Pushing the hardy water lily growth all winter long with the use of lamps and heat is not suggested because they have a winter dormancy requirement in order to sprout properly in the spring. Forced winter growth can effect production in the spring and summer and in some cases shorten overall hardy water lily lifespan. It may be hard to live without the brilliant blooms our hardy water lilies display in the summer but come next spring when they do emerge from their winter slumber the anticipation of the first bloom will soon make us forget. Be sure to check back in the spring for more hardy water lily tips and tricks. Cory MannB.S. Horticulture Michigan State UniversityPoseidon Ponds & LandscapingPoseidon Plants

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