spring pond cleaning

Spring Pond Cleaning

It's that time of year again! the snow is melting and warmer weather is on the horizon. This means its time to start planning your backyard pond and waterfall maintenance. This is crucial for the health of your koi fish and the overall health of your ponds ecosystem. For more info visit:iloveponds.com/water-features/pond-maintenance.htmlor read this very informative note:facebook.com/notes/i-love-pondscom/spring-pond-cleaning-in-middlesex-county-ma/1125200814165099

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A water feature is not just something you enjoy in the Summer months. I love the color changes in the fall seasons and i love to watch how the natural ecosystem of the water features change with them :)

two passions at once, I Love Ponds com outing in Afghanistan 2011 2012

Two passions at once!

In this picture I'm holding up my new work-shirt while i was Deployed to Afghanistan 2011-2012. I ordered them for the crew back home and didn't get to see them before i shipped out so they sent me one in a care package! I'm a passionate man. I love ponds, and i love my country. So when I'm not hauling rocks and slinging mud... Im doing my part to protect the free world from terrorism. I really missed sitting next to the pond with a cold drink!!! Live the Lifestyle, don't take anything for granted. Stop and get back in touch with nature and yourself. life is too short.

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Now This is Outdoor Living!

This may not be the largest or most extravagant water feature I have ever designed and built but it is my favorite. Every aspect of this project revolved around the kids. The parents wanted something the kids would interact with and be able to explore and learn from. they traded T.V and video games for feeding koi fish and catching frogs! we built a beach entrance that sloped all the way into the deep end (2 feet at its deepest) we built two designated feeding stones, and gave each child their own sitting rock. this is what its all about, this is the lifestyle! 11x16 backyard koi pond with 25 foot stream = your kids having a life time of memories and life experiences in their own back yard, gifted to them by you = PRICELESS!For more info visit:iloveponds.com/water-features/koi-pond.html

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From Hideous Hill to Fabulous Falls!

A double 20 foot backyard waterfall that cascades into an 11x16 koi pond. I built this water feature in 2009 to help transform an ugly hillside into a backyard paradise in Worcester County, Ma. for more info visit:iloveponds.com/water-features/backyard-waterfalls.html

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Please watch!

If you have seen any of my videos, posts, or comments then you have seen the word Lifestyle. I keep talking about this lifestyle! if you watch this video then you'll see what i mean. whether you invest in a koi pond, a water garden, a water fall, a patio pond... anything as long as you can sit around with your loved ones and let the troubles of life be put on the back burner for just a little while... then you'll understand. start living your own lifestyle doesnt matter if your a DIY or you hire a contractor just ADD WATER!

what is this ecosystem pond people talk about, go green, ponds water features, Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Explained

What is this Ecosystem Pond people talk about?!

A video that help put into perspective what an ecosystem pond is, how works, and why i preach there is no other way! if you want a pond in your yard then this video is worth a watch. If you are getting a pond i encourage you to put down the phone book and go online and find yourself a professional. it will be the best decision you make on your journey to living the lifestyle! just punch in your zip and see whos in your area http://www.aquascapeinc.com/findcontractors.php

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DIY Patio Pond, Enjoy the Lifestyle!

A perfect solution to transform your small outdoor space and get your feet wet! now you can enjoy the sights and sounds of water in a small roof top garden, a balcony, or you just want to get started... as long as your living the lifestyle it doesnt really matter how grand your feature is! find more info on awesome backyard garden fountains here: iloveponds.com/water-features/water-fountain.html

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Koi ponds, waterfalls, and just living the lifestyle!

When you ask people what they think a water feature is they usually respond with "those plastic tubs they sell at home depot" and thats sad because the world of water features is much more grand and beautiful. this is a video release by Aquascape Inc. for its contractors to help spread the word about water features, koi ponds, and waterfalls and help educate the world on the lifestyle they could be living.

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Want a Water feature but don't know where to start?!

You may be asking yourself how do i find the right contractor to build my backyard oasis. Its not an easy task pre-qualifying the right people in todays world when every joe shmoe with a shovel and a law mower say "oh i know how to do that". when it comes to waterfalls and ponds your purchasing more than a hole in the ground. Each and every water feature built is a custom living and breathing piece of art. and it takes a qualified educated artist to do it right. this video explains in better words why i am always preaching to hire a CAC or Certified Aquascape Contractor. Ponds done right, customers served right!

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