ellensburg chamber of commerce pond less waterfall before and after photos, landscape, outdoor living, ponds water features, August 2012 from the North

Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce Pond Less Waterfall - Before and After Photos

Built in 2005, we revisited this project to see how things have matured. Like a good wine [or whiskey] Aquascape waterfeatures 'done right' just get better with age!

pondless water feature renovation, outdoor living, ponds water features, After leveling the existing feature we started in on placing the bones of the installation This would be the ugly phase

Pondless Water Feature Renovation

We were called in to renovate this pond less water feature at the Beaver Bark entry in Richland, WA

pondless waterfall addition to the backyard view, landscape, outdoor living, ponds water features, Before and after shots

Pondless Waterfall Addition to the Backyard View

The pondless installation to this backyard provides the dynamic sights and sounds of moving, falling water to the viewpoints of the patio, the kitchen, and dining area.
The owners were excited to see the songbirds arrive within 24 hours of the falls being turned on!

pond makeover on 15 year old pond installation, outdoor living, ponds water features, Where we ended

Pond 'Makeover on 15 Year Old Pond Installation

Understanding of Eco System Pond Installation has come a long way in 15 years.
We reconstructed this pond with a wetland filter and an intake bay as well as enlargement and deepening to establish a proper 'scale on this project

aquatic planting in a formal water feature by bluecreek, landscape, ponds water features, In the beginning A lovely installation but rather a stark focal feature in the midst of a verdant estate

Aquatic Planting in a Formal Water Feature - by Bluecreek

Our client wanted to introduce aquatic plantings in his beautifully done formal water feature.
We designed and installed wetland filter/aquatic planting areas on either side of 122' long 'six pool' feature and planted 4 waterlillys in each of the pools. Lilly coloration ranges from white in the top pool to dark red in the lowest pool.

backyard water feature, outdoor living, ponds water features, Liner Rock Stream bed and Mechanical elements in place Ready for concealment

Backyard Water Feature

Installation of a pond less waterfall just off the back deck of the house

pond bridge, decks, outdoor living, ponds water features, A nice touch to this project that utilized 500 000 pounds of stone to build a pond wetland filter waterfalls fire pit pavilion and stone steps to a remote seating viewing area under the pine beside the cascading water

Pond Bridge

This stacked stone bridge has concealed step lights in the soldier course of chopped block as well as recessed dowinlighting on the sides over the water

aquascapes, ponds water features, Primary falls on the current project in Clovis New Mexico


Consider the possibilities!

ponds and waterfalls outdoor living, outdoor living, ponds water features, This waterfall presents to the pavilion viewing area

Ponds and Waterfalls - Outdoor Living

In the Southwest, an Aquascape Ecosystem pond can bring year round enjoyment for the homeowner as well as provide habitat for the local wildlife!

pond aquascape installation, gardening, outdoor living, ponds water features, Finished product in full bloom

Pond/Aquascape Installation

The plants in the foreground are growing in a bog filter on the 30' x 50' pond above.

Aquascape by Blue Creek
Aquascape by Blue Creek
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