diy portable sand box

DIY Portable Sand Box

Summer breaks are some of my best memories of being a child. We spent most of the daylight hours outside building and bonding. Now that I'm a grownup I want to create some great memories for my grandkids. This super easy portable sand box project is one for them.

5 things i should have considered before removing popcorn ceilings, diy, home decor, home improvement, painting, wall decor

5 Things I Should Have Considered Before Removing Popcorn Ceilings

We purchased an older home, a 1956 fixer upper. It is a solid built red brick ranch style house with 1970 popcorn ceilings. Almost two years into this project of fixing up our retirement home I reached the point I thought I was ready to do something about the ceilings.

recyled materials chicken pen home, go green, homesteading, repurposing upcycling

Recyled Materials Chicken Pen/Home

If you have contemplated urban style homesteading and raising chickens you will want to see what this couple used to build a chicken house/pen for almost free.

diy painting floors easy and rewarding, diy, flooring, painting

DIY Painting Floors - Easy and Rewarding

We moved into a fixer upper that had some 1970's plaid glued down carpet in the kitchen area and I couldn't wait to get rid of it. The problem is there was a long list of things that needed to be done first so we found a solution that wasn't hard, was fun to creat and looks great. Find out how we removed the glued down carpet and used paint to creat a one of a kind masterpiece.

diy how to repair the cracked fireplace base, concrete masonry, diy, fireplaces mantels, home maintenance repairs, how to, Fix it yourself

DIY How to Repair the Cracked Fireplace Base.

Last winter was a cold one and each time we lit the fireplace I worried about the crack that was turning into a crumbling hazzard.

small bathroom make over, bathroom ideas, home decor, small bathroom ideas, Small bathroom make over

Small Bathroom Make Over

Update a small dark bathroom into a bright new space on a budget.

improving a serving tray, crafts, Updated serving tray with stainless contact paper

Improving a Serving Tray

Use contact paper to redo stained serving tray

About meHome improvement is on my agenda since we bought a 1956 fixer upper and I don't mind sharing the good, the better and the best as well as the rest!