dog food storage vintage style, cleaning tips, repurposing upcycling, The barrel can easily be rolled to Sherman s eating area when it is meal time

Dog Food Storage - Vintage Style

Adopting a puppy has meant the addition of doggy supplies to our pantry. I store most of our pantry items in vintage containers and needed a solution for bags of dog food. My mom gave me a small vintage barrel which proved to be the perfect solution. I but the barrel on top of a rolling plant stand and now have rolling dog food storage.

wood slice wreath for winter, crafts, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects, wreaths

Wood Slice Wreath for Winter

A winter wreath isn't always the easiest to craft. This year I made a wreath using wood slices whose original use was in my classroom. In the past I used these to teach kids about counting rings, why the rings have two colors, and why some years the rings are thicker than others. This content is no longer taught, so rather than have a bag of wood slices clutter a cabinet in my room, I used them to make a wreath.

diy industrial bookshelf

DIY Industrial Bookshelf

My husband and I love to read and there’s never a shortage of books in our home. Books tend to pile up beside our sofas, on the end tables, and especially on the coffee table. A bookshelf that I created using pipes keeps books that we are reading close by yet somewhat organized

have you ever accidentally left a tool out in the elements to rust nbsp i knew i

How to Easily Remove Rust From Tools

Have you ever accidentally left a tool out in the elements to rust? I knew I had a pair of red handled clippers but had not seen them for a long while. A few weeks ago, while digging out compost to apply to my vegetable garden, my clippers appeared in the compost.Hurray for finding my clippers! Boo to the rust that covered them.I learned that there’s an easy way to remove rust from tools with vinegar. Yes, vinegar, the kind that you probably already have in your pantry.

diy farmhouse style tray

DIY Farmhouse Style Tray

A tray is not only decorative, but also useful. On a coffee table, they can corral magazines and remotes. On a table, they can be base of a centerpiece or seasonal vignette. And of course, they are good for their intended purpose, to transport items from place to place. I wanted a farmhouse style tray that I could use for decor in any season, so I made my own.

diy 2x4 shelving unit

DIY 2x4 Shelving Unit

Are you like me and have a lot of stuff and no place to store it? This past winter I worked on organizing my basement and needed shelves to both store and display my treasures. I'm a life long collector of vintage and love to use my things in my decor but I can't use them all at one time. My new shelving units now house my collectibles when they aren't being used. These shelves are super sturdy and can hold much heavier items than what I'm storing on them. Another great feature is if we ever move, these can easily be taken apart and moved to a new location. If you have a garage (I don't), these shelves would be perfect there for storage.

diy wooden crates, closet, crafts, how to, organizing, pets animals, shelving ideas, woodworking projects

DIY Wooden Crates

One shelf in our pantry is devoted to supplies for our dog. The unorganization of this shelf was driving me nuts, so my husband and I designed and built three wooden crates to corral and organize our dog's supplies. Chalkboard labels added to the front make it easy to know where to find what we need when it's time to take care of our dog.

diy cheese and crackers serving board

DIY Cheese and Crackers Serving Board

I did a gift exchange for Christmas with a fun twist: the projects had to be handmade using at least one power tool. I love to get in the workshop to make something and made a DIY Cheese and Crackers Serving Board with a groove to hold crackers.

vintage school desk makeover, painted furniture

Vintage School Desk Makeover

Good friends are moving into a new house and asked if I would give their daughter’s desk a makeover for her new room. This desk is an old school desk but I don’t know its history. It’s size makes me think that it originally was used in a junior or high school.

diy folding display for craft shows and markets, crafts

DIY Folding Display for Craft Shows and Markets

I participated in two vintage markets in 2016 and needed a place where I could hang things for buyers to see. I wanted something portable, inexpensive, and something that would let me hang something in multiple spots. A trip to Lowe's lumber department gave me an idea, I made a portable display using a privacy fence section.

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