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Fountains and Small Water Features

For those of you who have a small backyard, love garden art, or are considering adding another water feature to your landscape, perhaps a small fountain like this will help. They use only a little water (can be hooked up to an autofill from your irrigation system), use a small pump that will use only a little electricity, and are easy to install. Three great reasons to consider this a good choice! For more ideas on small water features, check out this portfolio on our website:

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Winter Ponds

If you cannot be outside playing in your pond, how about this for indoor fun?

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Water Features Through Walls

Sometimes uneven yards have retaining walls constructed and while those walls are functional, they may not be too attractive! Why not get creative and run a water feature through those walls? With proper underwater lighting and aquatic plants, a drab wall can become the focal point of a landscape! They can be as simple as a small pondless waterfall or as complex and elegant as a 50' stream running down a hillside and ending in a koi pond! Check out for more photos and water feature ideas.

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Build a Pond(less) in a Day?

Absolutely! Rocky Mountain WaterScape teamed up with True Pump and Aquascape to build this feature in a day! Check out other water features on our website:

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Wizard of Oz Garden with Ponds and Water Features

As we head into the holiday season, building ponds, pondless waterfalls, and water features tends to slow down a bit and we start to think about the Home and Garden Shows and the exhibits we will be building. Here are some photos of our Wizard of Oz garden from last year, complete with a live Dorothy.

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Frogs in Your Water Features

Frogs are a sign of a healthy water feature, keeping them is not an easy job though! Read about them in this article by Aquascape:
Fun and Fascinating Frog FactsFrogs have been known to be hopping around the Earth’s surface for more than 200 million years. There are over 6,000 types of frogs that can be found leaping just about anywhere in the world. So how much do you think you know about this widely abundant species?Do you know the difference between a frog and a toad?Toads tend to have dry, bumpy skin and the frog has smooth skin.Frogs have small, fish-like teeth on their upper jaws whereas toads have no teeth at all.You will notice that a frog’s eyes tend to bulge from their heads whereas a toad’s eyes appear more recessed.A frog lays its eggs in tight circular batches whereas a toad lays its eggs in long strings.Did you know that frogs were the first land animals with vocal cords? Frogs are truly a fascinating species. Follow the link below to discover more fun facts, so that the next time a frog leaps into your pond, you can tell everyone what a fascinating species the frog truly is. Sources:

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Rebuilding a 1/2 Mile Stream!

Watch the transformation! This south Denver, Colorado neighborhood has a 1/2 of stream running through it. The old stream was built with concrete and through the years, the concrete split, became broken up, and there were numerous leaks. Within a few months time, the four streams, two running into a large lake, two running out of the lake, were lined with EPDM 20 year liner and transformed into a gorgeous setting. We put in several lily ponds, waterfalls, hundreds of aquatic plants, built islands and a beautiful bog that houses thalia, zebra rush, irises and water lilies!

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How better to wake up on a snowy morning than the sound of water right outside your window?

A pondless waterfall gives you all the beauty and less work than a pond. Rocky Mountain WaterScape takes great pride in constructing natural streams that make you feel like you are in our mountains. We use wood, moss, moss rock and native plants to complete your water feature. Check out our website for more photos of pondless waterfalls and spouting rocks:

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Aquatic plants can make or break the beauty in your pond!

Rocky Mountain WaterScape can design a water feature for every budget and location, from small cascading fountains and simple Koi ponds to meandering streams and mega waterfalls. Our proven techniques, backed by 12 years of experience, can turn your project into an aquatic paradise, satisfying the requirements that are associated with creating actual streams, falls, or ponds. Check out our website for more before and after water feature photos:

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Birth of a Denver Garden and Home Show Featured Garden

Rocky Mountain WaterScape is building a garden at the Colorado Garden and Home Show. It will open Saturday, February 9th and run through the 17th at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. If you have a chance, stop by, smell all the wonderful flowers, check out our water features, and say hi! Built in only 4 days with numerous helpers! Be sure to check out our website for more great photos of ponds, waterfalls, spouting rocks, and pondless waterfalls:

Rocky Mountain WaterScape
Rocky Mountain WaterScape