diy mercy glass in any color, crafts, mason jars, the finished product you can win all this shinny goodness From Left to right Colored Faux Mercury glass plain ol faux Mercury glass plain colored mason jar and lil faux mercury mason jar

Diy Mercy Glass in any color

From the time I saw how to do Faux mercury glass have been trying to figure out how to do it in...

diy faux mercury glass in any color, crafts

DIY (Faux) Mercury Glass in Any Color

This is my favoooooooorite project and I guess people agree because it has been my most popular...

my blue stenciled table when a little stenciling is not enough, painted furniture, My blue uber Stenciled Table I call it Festooned

My Blue Stenciled Table. When a little Stenciling is not enough

This is my Blue Stenciled Table. I decided to cover every possible surface with stencil and this is...

my stenciled table vs my mosiac table, painted furniture, Stencil Vs Mosaic

My Stenciled Table Vs My Mosiac Table

When I started to show people the projects I was working on much to my surprise people started to...

mason jars to spaghetti jars diy soap dispenser tutorial, crafts, mason jars, repurposing upcycling

Mason Jars to Spaghetti Jars DIY Soap Dispenser Tutorial

It is simple step by step guide on how to make a soap or lotion dispenser out of any old jar and...

the simplest orchid care ever from the orchid whisper, gardening

The Simplest Orchid Care Ever From the Orchid Whisper

I call my 87 year old neighbor Ron the orchid whisper. I am a little off my normal topic. I thought...

the round vase that took over my online shop, crafts

The Round Vase That Took Over My Online Shop

First there was one small vase that sold over and over, then there was another size that did well...

refinish the white side table, painted furniture, After

Refinish the White side Table

The side table is now a crispy white with a little glaze to bring out the details. pretty sweet

do cats make good decorations, painting

Do Cats Make Good Decorations

Do cats make good decorations?
I’m the wrong person to ask obviously I say yes! Win one for

my golden pin up girl, crafts

My Golden Pin up Girl

From the second I saw this girl I loved her. She was at a friends’ house and I begged for her even...

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