one more roadside rescue, painted furniture, Better pic of the finish I used minwax red sedona stain with several coats of polyurethane

One More Roadside Rescue

As most of you know, roadside rescues are my favourite projects. Driving down the road one day, I spotted this dresser being discarded. Hubby was golfing so if I wanted it I had to act on my own. A lovely neighbourhood lady stopped to help me get it into the back of my car, thank goodness or I may not have been successful.
Brought it home to the garage and noticed some of the damage and started planning how to fix it, wood filler was not likely an option :)
My daughter wanted a dresser with the bottom portion repurposed for her cat's bed, so it began.

repurposed dresser, painted furniture, Another front view Oh my this is my first post This piece is replacing a smaller old dresser we keep our dish cloths tea towels and office supplies etc in So now I already have plans to refinish that one for our master bath

Repurposed dresser

Tania Crawford has prompted me to post - she had a wonderful piece she posted here and I took it for inspiration. Decided tonight that we should add more boards to the back - reclaimed from the fence we replaced last year. So here it goes - thanks Tania for the inspiration - more photos when we have the back done.

backyard upcycling, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Backyard upcycling

What you can do to recycle tires and add character to your backyard. I ran across this on the web tonight, and when I have to get new tires I am going to try this.
Info is from this website
A lot have been asking for instructions, I don't have them but Tamara Jansen has posted excellent instructions on a planter she did - Thanks Tamara :)

gardening, diy renovations projects, gardening


Fantastic looking spiral garden. Very classy looking and functional as well. Ran acoss this on Facebook today.
Here is the link. and specific instructions for the gabion sturctue here (thanks to Anne G for pointing me to it)

update 3 lighting, kitchen design, lighting

Update #3 - Lighting

Pot lights were installed today - so bright in there!

kitchen remodel update post 2, home improvement, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painting

Kitchen Remodel Update Post #2.

Learned we are limited in # of photos per post, so will do this in stages
In the photo below you can see the install of the cabinets - Roy our installer is amazing and very meticulous.
Our designer, Joanne Ridgeway was very helpful, we both thought the high grey panel would be better in white and she arranged for a replacement piece.

kitchen remodel, home improvement, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design

Kitchen Remodel

This morning I felt like old mother hubbard, all of the cupboards were bare LOL. Lots of work getting them to that state. Here are some before pics - what it used to look like.

roadside rescue table and brown paper, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, Finished table in it s final resting place

Roadside Rescue Table and Brown Paper

Found this table at the side of the road and decided to have a go at giving it new life.
Took it home and did the old brown paper treatment on it.
Here are the before and after pics.

reviving wicker object that lost it s wicker, crafts, Final product Yes it is bright but that is what I was going for

Reviving wicker object that lost it's wicker

Several years ago I purchased a couple of flamingos that were wicker on a wire frame. Well time has had it's time with them and they are no more than wire frames with a bit of wicker attached.
I didn't want to get rid of them so I searched the craft stores on a way to revive them. At Michael's I found a product called celluclay. I was looking for something that would be harder, but settled for what I could find.
I first spray painted the areas that were not to be mached.

updating an old inexpensive bookshelf, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, Finished shelf

Updating an Old Inexpensive Bookshelf.

I have been looking for a new bookshelf for a few years now. I needed one that was narrow and had an orangish tinge to the finish, the spot in the room for the shelf is limited and the colour of woods in the room have an orangish tinge to them. They now make bookshelves deeper that they used to. So I too an old cheap bookshelf and applied Ashley @ Domestic Imperfection's paper bag technique. Here are the results;
Lessons learned on this project;
1. When tearing your paper save the straight edged pieces separately - these will make it easier to apply the straight edges at the back and inside top of the bookcase.

Gail Salminen
Gail Salminen