How do I keep feathers in my couch cushions and not all over my house?

I have a beautiful, designer couch. PROBLEM! it , or the seat cushion, I should say, is stuffed with feathers. Consequently, I have feathers all over my house.

Discolored bathtub, how to fix?

I have a Stained bathtub that is badly stained from previous owners. It is not cast iron, but some sort of cast acrylic or something. I have tried with many different... See more

How, or what is best to clean outdoor furniture ?

I have a porch swing and other outdoor furniture (webbed) that is dirty and has obvious mildew or molding stains. What solution can I clean it with before I put it... See more

Stains on glass vase?

I have a tall glass vase that has water line stains in it. How do I get it out????

How to unshrink clothing?

How do I "unshrink" one of my Fav. T-shirt-type tops....95% cotton and 5% spandex. I think I remember reading somewhere that soaking it in hair crème rinse works, but... See more

Joining an 2' x6' section of privacy fence to an 8'x6' section alrea

I have installed an8' x 6' section of privacy fence and need to add a 2' x 6' section that I have pre-made. Now I need to join them and do not want to have to add... See more

Is there any way to "blacken" stainless knobs?

I just replaced these knobs not too long ago, and do not want to go to the expense of buying new ones again, but have changed my décor, and want darker... See more

Can an acrylic bathtub be painted? OR- how do I get staines cleaned?

The house I bought has a stained bathtub; I'm guessing from not being cleaned properly by previous owners or tenants. I cannot afford to replace the tub, but have... See more

How to clean suede insoles on my shoes??

Don't have any suede cleaner, what can I use instead; have a pair of suede slides that are dirty, what to clean them with????

Mindy D.
Mindy D.