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100 yards of fabric later-DIY Canopy and Curtains! LOVE!

My 100 yards of sheer “butterfly” chiffon/voile fabric that I ordered online from Ronnie Home Textile for daughter Abigail’s windows and canopies arrived. (Abigail is nine years old.) The fabric is even better than I anticipated it to be from the photos online! It’s soooo soft and drapes splendidly! Abigail LOVES the vibrant butterfly design that repeats up both sides of the fabric!

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Repurposed Necktie Rug

Each piece is individually sewn, stuffed, and sewn onto a backing to create the rug. See more on the tour of our Master Bedroom on my blog!

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Repurposed Windows as Art!

Old Windows repurposed as art! (Collection of beverage illustrations and watercolor prints, Before/Afters, the process and more on blog link at )

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Re-upholster chairs by using re-purposed belts

1. cut away broken rush/reed seat
2. install belts, buckling on the underside of the chair, weaving as you go
3. sit

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Sequin Peacock Chair! (Really!)

Watch us transform a tattered Victorian parlor chair into a funky, fun Peacock Chair for our 9 year old daughter to use at her homework table!

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UpCycled Tobasco Necktie Upholstery!

More often than not, I buy something with plans to change it, but often I have to think about it for awhile before actually initiating change. Usually, it's just a matter days to finalize my concept for what I want to do, and then I begin procuring supplies to do the task.
Today is different! Today, I bought a piece, knew immediately, and transformed it immediately!

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DIY pepper flakes: Garden to Table

I’m trying to recreate a gift. A friend of my husband’s is an avid pepper aficionado. He grows lots of varieties of peppers from seeds, cross pollinates them, saves seeds, and shares the bounty from his garden. In addition to fresh peppers, last year he gave us a spice shaker full of dehydrated pepper flakes and seeds. It was so good! All through the winter, it was a great addition to chilis, stews, and sauces.

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Ornament Window Valance

When a window needs to be dressed, it doesn't have to be fabric, right? Right! . . .and, when you enjoy sparkly, metallic ornaments, you shouldn't reserve them exclusively for Christmas trees for only a few weeks a year, true? True!

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Lily, Tomato, & Photo Editting Apps!

The pretty pink Lily planted among the Rosemary along the path to the front door stretch out towards the sun out of the shadow of the house.

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ReUpholstering Chairs! ~tutorial

So here’s the deal, I’m re-upholstering a pair of chairs in this post. See, I bought the pair of chairs at an estate sale for $40 bucks, measured and bought clearance fabric, then took a bunch of photos while my husband re-upholstered them for me! Voila! I re-upholstered chairs, right? Seriously, though, the full tutorial with dozens of photos, step by step instructions, and more is on my blog post! (On my blog's sidebar, you'll find a handy link to my Hometalk account, too!)

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