diy granite countertops

DIY Granite Countertops

If you’re anything like me, you despise your old Formica and laminate counter tops. They stain easily, and not to they mention dent and scratch easily too! Furthermore, you’re probably wishing to hit the lottery some day just so that you can afford to replace the ugly things! I am dreaming of a gorgeous marble or granite counter tops!WELL, I think we’ve found a solution for you… a paint kit specifically for your counter tops! Remember you can view the full post and more details over on my website

rustic mail organizer

Rustic Mail Organizer

All you'll need is about two hours of time and a free pallet for this project! SO simple. I love using pallet wood when creating things since it is (usually) FREE!! You can typically find pallets at home improvement stores or outside local business' who are more than happy for you to take them out of their way!!For full details and instructions, visit our full post here!

diy distressed side table

DIY Distressed Side Table

I wanted to take another chance to show you the POWER of PAINT! Yes, any old paint you have lying around!A client of ours had approached us with this old, black side table that she had been using as a telephone table in her kitchen. I showed her a few different finishes that could be achieved by just simply using paint! She chose a rustic look, with slight white-washing and distressing. I asked that she pick out a paint color, and I was off to the races!To view more pictures and detailed steps, visit our full post here!

our stair railing makeover, stairs

Our Stair Railing Makeover

This project has been on our to-do list for a long time, well technically only for 8 months since we bought the house! We were disappointed with the old, worn railings that were in the house, and decided to spruce them up. After a bit of research, we found that all we would need is paint! That’s it! I swear, paint can transform ANYTHING.Lesson Learned: Expect to tackle this project alone if your partner has zero patience!!You can find more details of this post over on my website here!!!!

how to whitewash brick, concrete masonry, how to

How to Whitewash Brick

Give your old brick fireplace a face lift with a whitewash! A simple and inexpensive DIY project almost anyone can do!

kate spade inspired bottle holder

Kate Spade Inspired Bottle Holder

This project was inspired from a pack of holiday cards that I fell in LOVE with from Kate Spade (my favvvv brand). I wanted to create a piece of decor to display some cute mini champagne bottles I found for our NYE party. So.. this wooden holder idea came about and I mixed it with the confetti dot design from Kate Spade..and voila!
This holder is super easy to cut and assemble (it took about 30 minutes from start to finish) and fun to decorate for whatever occasion you may have. It makes a great host(ess) gift too! AND an added bonus: the dimensions are easy to modify, so you can hold other types of goods like beer bottles, cups, food, and so on!

chevron dining table, painted furniture

Chevron Dining Table

My Dad recently gutted and redid his entire kitchen and it looks AMAZING. After a couple weeks of searching for the perfect dining table, he was unable to find anything that matched their style! Sounds a little like me, doesn’t it?? Runs in the family apparently!
So needless to say... he called on the Viva experts (Jason and me, duh) to design and build the perfect table! Ahhh our first real client!! We were excited to say the least.

diy chevron pub table, painted furniture

DIY Pub Table

Welcome again to another table build! Is it just me, or have I constantly been making and posting about tables?! This is our third table build in about a month and half! Apparently you need more of them in your house than you think!!
This is the final table we need for our newly renovated basement and since it’s the last one, why not make it the best one?? I wanted to add some height and variation to the room so I opted for us to build a high top pub style table- with a modern twist!
As always, this table design began with a search online, me being amazed at how much these pub tables cost, and then a, “Jasonnnn why don’t we build one ourselves??”

diy wooden christmas trees

DIY Wooden Christmas Trees

These trees add some rustic charm to your Christmas decor. They are also fun to decorate with the little ones.. Or if you’re like me.. they make you feel like a kid all over again! I had so much fun making them. PLUS they are verrry cheap to make.. If you use pallet wood like I did, it’s practically free!

inexpensive christmas decor ideas , christmas decorations, home decor

Inexpensive Christmas Decor Ideas!

Christmas is fast approaching, and I think I’m rushing it with my excitement! The only damper on my Christmas spirit is that Jason won’t allow Christmas decor to be put up until December 1 !!!! SCROOGE!

But... Here are some fun and easy ideas for Christmas Decor that I hope won’t make you feel like the Grinch has stolen from your wallet! Enjoy! Oh and I have made these and stored them away eagerly awaiting December 1 to arrive!!

Ari Goldberg |  VivaLasDiy
Ari Goldberg | VivaLasDiy
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